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    This is kind of random but I recently felt super creative. I've tried writing fanfictions, but I always get super bored with them. A while ago I saw a bunch of people recreate TD their way on YouTube. Only a few actually went through with their plans and spanned a successful series, but I plan on being one of those.

    My new series called Total Drama Take II just premiered on my youtube channel and is basically my version of TD. Here is a link: Episode 1

    I hope to upload a new episode every week. 

    Note: The quality is kinda terrible but I've found a way to make it better for episode 2. I also messed up (and probably will continue to) at the campfire ceremony with a few lines. I was super tired from learning how things work and such and I was ex…

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  • SpiritAnimal


    I got pretty bored so I came up with the idea of a hurt and heal for a new TD cast. This would be Total Drama Underdogs. Most of the contestants haven't made merge, or flopped. There are eighteen contestants. The elimination order is up to you.

    • You may hurt twice, but then you can't heal.
    • You may heal twice, but then you can't hurt.
    • You can post once every 24 hours.

    • Dakota - 19 Points
    • Tyler - 13 Points

    • 18th. Leonard (Episode 2)
    • 17th. Ezekiel (Episode 3)
    • 16th. Rodney (Episode 4)
    • 15th. Samey (Episode 6)
    • 14th. B (Episode 8)
    • 13th. Beardo (Episode 9)
    • 12th. Amy (Episode 11)
    • 11th. Staci (Episode 13)
    • 10th. Katie (Episode 14)
    • 9th. Sadie (Episode 16)
    • 8th. Anne Maria (Episode 17)
    • 7th. Topher (Episode 18)
    • 6th. Dawn (Episode 19)
    • 5th. Brick (Episode 21)
    • 4th. DJ (Episod…

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  • SpiritAnimal

    Hi! Since this is my first blog post since I was blocked (I've changed, life has been a whirlwind and I've learned a thing or two while dealing with some things), I decided to create this blog talking about my hopes and my predictions. These are two different things.

    My hopes for this new season is a full returnee season. The last two "new cast" seasons have been lackluster, and while All-Stars was a mess, I'm sure they've probably learned the lean away from another Mike and Zoey. I would choose Boney Island as a setting. I think it feels fitting. The main theme of the season would be more redemption than All-Stars 2. The characters returning may have flopped in their previous season or made a move that screwed them over in the long run, along…

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