Hey guys I thought I might do a ranking of the TD season's to see which season is the best in my opionion so with out ferther a do les get started.

Worst: Total Drama All Stars

Things go quickly wrong when the season started, First to start off the story felt a little rushed and there were major mistakes played threw the season. TDAS was a step back to it's conterparts but it did bring one of the best Total Drama villans of all time Mal which is Mike's evil personaliy.

2nd Worst: Total Drama Action

After the sucess of Island i was really looking forward to this one and hat did I see just the same thing all over but a little more silly and Courtney did act like a villan she acted like a 5 year old but I did like the movie theme's and the aftermath.

Alright: Total Drama Pahkitew

Yet a third set of cast this season has its moments and its humor which I really liked but those are inurpted by bad dialoge, confussing plot lines, and Topher.

3rd Best: Total Drama Revenge Of The Island

Introduce a new cast ROTI brought us new friendships and relationships and new drama and one heck of a good story plus contestents from past season;s make a cameo and thats a bonus.

2nd Best: Total Drama Island

This is the one that started it all now 7 years old Island brought us some crazy fun, awsome charaters, good plot lines, and some MAJOR drama.

BEST OVERALL: Total Drama World Tour

An major improvment to the series World tour brought us some good plot lines great songs which are always fun to sing and two new characters but I did have some problems with this season but its my favorite overall

Whats your favorite TD season ?

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