What's going on guys with new Total Drama spin off series on it's was this summer for cartoon network i'm starting to worry if that this will be simalr to TDWT the reason I say this is that the season is just mainly a race around the world and we will see some stuff that we all ready seen in World Tour but it's just a theory but maybe sometime when there traveling and they stop at there destionation that might do a challenge or really just a race through the state. Personily I would like to see just a race throught the state after all this is a race around the world right but in my opion The Ridonculious Race will be a little bit simalr to World Tour. Another thing is we will have a Total of 36 characters in the season and that might be a little bit to much to start off the new seires since some charters might get more screen time then other's and it will have 18 pairs of 2 instead of just 2 teams but will have to see what the outcome will look like. And finaly will there be an aftermath show cause I thought it was a nice touch to Total Drama and I would like to see that in hear since I thought it was intresting see the contestaints after they have been eliminated and we never saw the aftermath after TDWT so I would like to see that in the new seires. Well that's all I have for the new spin off and I hope Fresh TV won't disapoint us since they are trying something new and I can not wait to see it and thr Total Drama series was a great series despite that TDAS was not well recived it was still great and I can't wait for it to come out. Anyways leave a comment down below o what you guys think of the new spin off,

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