So just recently that I heared that The Ridonculos Race it's getting it's own video game. Not much is said about the game but all we know is that you will be able to use any of the 36 charcters and race them in short races. We don't know who will be developing the game and we don't know what platforms is it going to but all we knoe that it might be similar to Mario Cart Ridonculos Race. We will be getting more information on the game real soon but in the meantime what do you guy's think about Total Drama series getting it's own video game since alot of fan's really wanted a Total Drama game. In my opinion it sound's great but my only consurion is will the game have the same story line as the spin off or will it be just a stand alone race game like Mario Kart and also I hope it will be released on Current or maybe last gen consoles or maybe moblie like the Total Drama World Tour games on the App Store. But anyways guys stick around for more information about the upcoming game soon and I will see you guy's later.

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