Hey guys I thought that I might do a blog on how to make Total Drama All Stars a better season. As we all know be now that All Stars got alot of negative reviews from critics and became the worst Total Drama to date. So without any inturuptions let's get started.

1.Better casting choice: this was one of the major problems of the season cause we got some characters that we didint want like Sam. When it comes to an All Star Season they want to pick the best of the best and have alot of strength and speed cause thats what maks it an All Star season.

2.Better Character Development: In this season the characters were all over the place like they change quite often alot and that make's it confussing to the viewers and to the story as well and some charcters didint have enough character development and that is a little forshadow. Give some certain characters more time to develop and if done corretly the viewers woild understand the characters better.

3.Give Lindsey more screen time. Lindsey is one of the most popular chacters in the series and in All Stars she was only in there for one episode and that made a lot of people mad and they wanted to see more of Lindsey and hoped that she would actually win.

4.Team Swapping: There was alot of team swapping in this season and it messed up the characters like Duncan. Part of the charcter development they should just do only one team swap and that's it.

5.Gwen and Courtney's friendship: So Gwen id try her best to make up with Courtney about her and Duncan and later on the became friends up intill Courtney mad a elimanation chart which end's their friendship. Once they became friends again then they sould not mess with that and leave it alone and just let Gwen and Courtney be friends perminetly.

6.Better season finale: "SPOILER ALERT" At the end of All Stars Mike/Zoey pulls the sword out of the mountain causeing the island to sink. Rethink the challenge plan like a race to the top of the island while avioding obsticals and also don't put they eliminated charcters in ballons cause the one's that did'int get popped blew away into the sun cause many fans speculatied that they might have died and Chris could have gotten a lawsuit causing the show to be cannceled.

But anyays guys these are some of my opionions on how to make All Stars better. If I left anything out or made a mistake hit me up in the comments below and also in the comments down below tell how you could have made All Stars better but anyways guys i'm out intill next time and always stay awesome/

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