From the people that brought you 6teen comes a tv trilogoy which is the god father of all cartoon trilogoy's in which the first and third our great and the second one was kindda meh. The Original Total Drama Trilogoy which sets around how the series got popular with TDI where these 22 teenagers must stay at a crappy island from the 70's where they will face some of the most dangours challenges, gross food, animals, and explosions. TDA where 14 of the 22 teenagers must stay at an abanded movie lot were the will face the most dangurs challenges, groos food, anaimals, and explosions. TDWT where the 14 of the 22 teenagers along with 2 new characters travel around the world where they must face the most dangours challenges, groos food, anaimals, and explosions. Wait didint they remake the same seasons 3 times. Suit up for a project that once again developed by Fresh TV which will have everything you expected from 6teen like funny jokes, Megan Fahlenbock, Fart and burp jokes. crude humor, and a hole lot DRAMA and yes I had this because the show is called Total Drama right. oh come on that one has gotta be funny I'm I right


27 year old Jude: Chris

The Iron Chef: Chef

Napoleon Dynimate: Harold

Bad Boy: Duncan

Fart Machine: Owen

Goth Jen: Gwen

Goth Jen's boyfriend for one season: Trent

Whyinng Brat: Courtney

A party dude: Geoff

Cool but rude: Heather

Beebop and Rocksteady: Kattie and Saddie

And so a hole lot of other characters that I can't come with names for.

"The Total Drama Triology"

Well for nothing but TDA is better than TDAS right.

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