Fresh TV and Teleton invites you to watch the fith sequel to the parody of Survior. Total Drama All Stars which is basicly part 1 of season five which no one asked for and its a sequel to Total Drama Revenge Of The Island which you also didn't ask for. Watch as some of your favorite pass seasons characters return for some more drama while viewers complian about the characters you never wanted in this season. Witness a story that has bad sub plots, bad character development, bad dialouge, and bad writing that will make you watch a Michael Bay movie after you see this. Step into a massive tird storyline about these hipster teenagers and this crappy island where they face some of the most difficult chalenges, face the most difficult friendhips, and some of the most characters that got out of chatcater. Things will go wrong right before your eyes that will make you think you are watching a Michael Bay movie and yes this is the second time I have to metion Michael Bay, but eventually it will all be worth it to watch the next part to season 5 which is better than the first. And not to begin with the main villan Mal who takes over Mikes mind which he makes up plans to vote his friends off just like every other villan in the past and witness the characters you grew up with and the new characters no one cares about take a massive dump all over your memeries you had with the season as the face off eachother as heros vs villans in which people thought was going to be alsome but instead it made the characters go out of character since there were lots of team switching around. OMG this is why they should never make a heros vs villans season ever again I mean come on what were they thinking.


Emo Peter Parker: Mike/Mal

Bad boy gone GOOD: Duncan

The dramatic loner: Gwen

Angry Video Game Nerd: Sam

Cody's Stalker: Sierra

The Brat: Courtney

Mary Jane Watson: Zoey

Showoff: Lightnig

The girl who's still dumb: Lindsey

Mean Girls: Heather

Black Nerd Comadey: Cameron "Not trying to be racist"

Female Gym Teacher: Jo

Ale: Alejandro


Also to metion heros vs villans not a good idea/

Thank you all so much for watching my first Honest Trailer Parody if I left anything out of this hit me up in the comments below also I will be making more Honest Trailers in the future so stick around for those.

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