Today is my Wikiversary everyone! It's been a whole year since I joined so remember to send me presents or you're a heterosexual. :D I am not sure what else I am supposed to say on a blog like this so I will just say that since I have no irl friends it's nice coming on here to talk to people, if only you could block obnoxious jerks irl like you can on wikia. >_> Total Drama is one of the few shows where I don't think has deteriorated over the years minus a few duds (I'm looking at you ROTI and TDAS), and RR was a major improvement and is the biggest reason I decided to rejoin the fandom after being "meh" on the series for so long. So you can all thank RR for why you all have to put up with me. =D

Comment below what an amazing person I am, I don't bite. ^_^

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