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    The following was mildly based off of a roleplay I had with Chewy57 on the wiki's chatroom a long time ago. Therefore, this is not 100% just my work so he gets credit for this to. However everything before the date was made by me. The setting is between TDI and TDA. It's my first Duncney fanfiction ever so don't be a jerk in the comment section!


    There isn't a more helpless feeling in the world than when your husband is drafted in a war and you just have to wait around like a useless lump for him to come back. That is basically how I felt when I realized Duncan is going on to season two of the reality show we were on and I wasn't. I couldn't believe it, he…

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  • SouthParkWendyFan

    ❤ 1 year ❤

    December 22, 2016 by SouthParkWendyFan

    Today is my Wikiversary everyone! It's been a whole year since I joined so remember to send me presents or you're a heterosexual. :D I am not sure what else I am supposed to say on a blog like this so I will just say that since I have no irl friends it's nice coming on here to talk to people, if only you could block obnoxious jerks irl like you can on wikia. >_> Total Drama is one of the few shows where I don't think has deteriorated over the years minus a few duds (I'm looking at you ROTI and TDAS), and RR was a major improvement and is the biggest reason I decided to rejoin the fandom after being "meh" on the series for so long. So you can all thank RR for why you all have to put up with me. =D

    Comment below what an amazing person I am, I…

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