It's been a decade since Total Drama started and looking back at all the seasons, I decided to create my list of ranked characters as well as my first blog post. :)

52. Leonard

I didn't find Leonard all that funny in the seasons he competed in. He always, in some way or form, contributed to his team's loss in a challenge. In the Ridonculous Race however, he was a bit more tolerable as I enjoyed him teaming up with Tammy.

51. Ezekiel

Zeke not only had little to no screen time, but also made annoying racist comments and ended up turining into a weird savage like creature. He was just a creepy guy and pretty much did nothing but annoy the other contestants.

50. Justin

Justin was pretty much a joke. He cared more about his appearance than all of the girls combined. Lindsay was unfazed after getting pegged by a bunch of dodgeballs in TDI while Just complains about EVERYTHING that could be a danger to his appearance. He was also a very bad antagonist who didn't really cause much to happen.

49. Beardo

Beardo was a character who barely got any screen time. And in the little screen time he had, Beardo managed to disappoint his whole team by failing to collect supplies from a junk pile due to running in SLOW MOTION. However, I have to admit that his sound affects were really entertaining and maybe he'll come back to TDI for more development.

48. Blaineley

Blaineley was an attention hogging character to did anything to be in the spotlight, including sending Bridgette to Siberia. She was just a bad person who would anything for fame. However, I did like how her real name was Mildred.

47. Lightning

I didn't think Lightning deserved to be one of the finalists in Revenge of the Island. He was a self centered person that didn't help his team much and only cared about winning the million for himself. I also hated how he would always refer to himself in third person.

46. Sadie

Sadie was a background character for her time on the show, but unlike her best friend, was an invaluable member of her team. She had little athletic abilities, which ended up causing her elimination.

45. Jo

I couldn't stand Jo's character. For most of her screen time, all Jo did was make fun of the other contestants, make bad jokes, and be ruthlessly competitive. She was not a very likable character.

44. Max

Max was a horrible and unsuccessful antagonist. Even though it was made clear he was evil from the start, Max actually didn't do anything evil besides practice his evil laugh. It was actually Scarlett who drove all of the plans that "Max" did. Even though I agree Max's elimination was unfair, I thought he was a pretty annoying characters who didn't do much.

43. Dave

Dave is a character that just didn't click with me. I really disliked his "relationship" with Sky and thought that he and Ella would be better. I thought that though he was said to be normal, he must have had some serious OCD or stuff, because his fear of germs was pretty extreme. I was also not a big fan of his transformation from being the sanest person on the Island to being the most crazy.

42. Rodney

Rodney was a decent character, but he revolved too much around his love for the female contestants and really didn't get to develop as much as I wished him to.

41. Katie

Katie is ranked this low because you really didn't get to know much about her as she barely got any screen time. However, in the short time that she was on the show, I found her a likable character who was helpful for her team, proving herself in the many times she was on the court in Dodgebrawl.

40. Courtney

I have to admit that Courtney is a good leader and helped her team succeed in winning many challenges. However, her personality was very annoying and hypocritical. She always bossed the other contestants around and thought that she was always right.

39. B

B was a very smart contestant who should have lasted longer on the competition. I loved watching him build inventions, but sadly he didn't have much screen time. He and Dawn both got along very well and could have formed an alliance with more time.

38. Beth

Beth was an underdog, which I liked. However, I don't think she develo enough throughout the seasons she participated in. Even after becoming a main character in TDA, she didnt even participate in the next season, which I found a little odd.

37. Sam

I disliked Sam's character very much, as he was too focoused on his gaming, however, the reason he's ranked so high is because of his relationship with Dakota. Being one of my favorite relationships in the season, I loved how Sam, the geek, fell in love with Dakota and actually gained her love in return. I also loved how even after Dakota transformed, Sam said he still loved her. :)

36. Cameron

It was a miracle that Cameron made it as far as he did in Revenge of the Island. He had so physical talents and wasn't that fun of a character to watch. I didn't like how he returned back into his bubble and became more cautious in All Stars either.

35. Harold

Harold had his moments to shine and was actually a funny character to watch. However, he didn't really change and his relationship with LeShawna

went nowhere, which was really upsetting. In all, Harold was just an average character.

34. Staci

Staci was such a funny character who would have been ranked even higher is she had more screen time. Her audition tape itself was funny and she was a good comical relief throughout her episodes.

33. Anne Maria

Anne Maria wasn't that interesting of a character, but I did like watching her compete, especially in the episode where she was used as a human shield to attack the opposing team. I also loved how she fell for the fake diamond, causing her to quit.

32. Eva

I loved Eva's temper. Even Heather admitted that she needed to get rid of Eva because she was one of the opposing team's strongest competitors. I would love to see her back for another season, hopefully back with Heather as well.

31. Owen

Owen was a funny character and I especially loved when he created Mr. Coconut in season 1. However, I feel that he's a complete screen hogger and always seems to be favored by the producer. Nevertheless, Owen's appetite was very funny throughout the show and proved himself to be a valuable member of his team.

30. Amy

I actually didn't mind Amy much, despite the constant harassment of her sister. I loved the episode where she came back to fight her sister on the dock. However, I feel that Amy isn't as interesting as Samey and should have a more in depth background and more interactions with other characters.

29. Alejandro

I hated how Alejandro eliminated so many characters in World Tour, though I do admire him as a villain. The reason I put Alejandro up here is because I loved his backstory about how he was raised with an older brother who always made fun of him. This provided a reason for why Alejandro was the way he was in the show.

28. Noah

Many fans love Noah, but just thought of him as an average character. I have to admit that his sarcasm and analogies cracked me up, but performance wise, he did so-so. However, he is one character I would be happy to see in another season.

27. Sky

Sky, in my opinion, is also a pretty average character. She's both nice and athletic, but didn't really stand out in her season compared to other contestants. Her relationship with Dave didn't go anywhere. However, I do appreciate how good of a team player she was.

26. Sugar

Many people wouldn't put Sugar up this high on their lists, but there are a few reasons why I liked her. Just to be clear, I hated how she treated Ella and her cheating which caused Jasmine to be eliminated as well. However, I admire Sugar's optimism that sticks with her through all the challenges. Also, she was hilarious in many of the episodes, especially when she was dressed up in the cow costume. :)

25. Izzy

Izzy was crazy, and her exits from the show were always hilarious, whether it was being chased by the police or in a puff of smoke. Even though she was not quite right in the head, I loved watching Izzy. It was especially interesting when she became all smart and brainy in one of the seasons.

24. Gwen

Gwen was a really chill character, which I liked. However, even though she was emo Gwen still had an in depth personality. I liked how though she looked very serious and depressing on the outside, Gwen was actually a very caring and valuable contestant.

23. Bridgette

Bridgette's clumsiness made me crack up, especially in Hide and Be Sneaky, which caused her to be sprayed by skunks. However, I felt that her animal loving personality was too much like DJ's and that not enough was mentioned about her surfing throughout the episodes. I also hated how she was eliminated so early in World Tour by Alejandro.

22. Scott

Even though Scott eliminated some really good characters in Revenge of the Island, I have to admit that he was a pretty good villain. Him carving the Chris McLean invincibility heads was smart and hilarious. In All-Stars, he began to develop more and became a lot more funny. However, I strongly disliked his relationship with Courtney.

21. Trent

Trent was a chill character and I liked his relationship with Gwen, which was cute. It was heartbreaking when Heather broke the two of them apart and got Trent eliminated in the season. I really hoped that he would build up his relationship with Gwen and return for another season.

20. Samey

Samey was such a sweet character whose friendship with Jasmine was a really amazing bond. Her decision to stand up to and trick Amy was something that I clapped at, though it did make her a bit villainous too. I'd love Samey to return for another season on The Ridonculous Race, but preferably with Jasmine instead of Amy.

19. Duncan

With his background, Duncan's definitely one of the most interesting characters in the show. Though he was a bit of a screen hogger, he was also a fierce competitor who somehow always made it to the merge. His relationships with Gwen and Courtney also made the show more interesting and led to a lot of the drama between characters.

18. LeShawna

First off, I'd like to say that LeShawna's elimination in TDI was one of the most unfair eliminations in the series. She was one sassy character who added a lot to the show. I actually found it funny how she lied to her team in TDA and then tried so hard to make it up to them so she wouldn't get eliminated.

17. Shawn

One of friends had always been the "zombie-apocalypse" type of girl, which may be one of the reasons I liked him so much. I thought that the Zombie Conspiracy Nut was one of the most creative labels on the show. It was hilarious watching Shawn getting freaked out whenever he saw something that might be a zombie, especially in Hurl and Go Seek.

16. DJ

The reason I like DJ so much is partly because of him, and partly because of his mom. DJ was such a sweet character, especially when he started the curse in TDWT and tried to get himself eliminated in order to hurt less animals. DJ's mother, or Momma, was hilarious when she appeared onto the show, whether it was yelling at the cameramen or throwing vegetables at Geoff. I'd love to see the two of them back on the show.

15. Dakota

I feel like Dakota is a very underrated character as she has the typical fame wanting rich blond girl look. However, unlike Blainely, Dakota is far from heartless and truly cares about her contestants. She also has a really in depth personality deep within herself, all of which is revealed starting from when Dawn comments that her wanting of fame was just a "desperate cry for love". Dakota's relationship with Sam was incredibly sweet and I would like to know more about what happened to her after she left the show. (Did she stay as Dakotazoid?)

14. Brick

Brick was one of the most honorable contestants in the whole show. Unlike any of the other characters, he sacrificed possible victory to help members of a different team, even though it ended his chances of winning. His sacrifice was really touching and was also a really strong competitor. I loved how he broke out of shell by the end of the season and decided to go to fashion school, despite the surprise from his fellow competitors.

13. Ella

Ella was by far one of the sweetest characters on the show. I really hoped her crush on Dave would go somewhere, but sadly, it didn't. Though some people find her annoying, I actually thought Ella's singing made the show more interesting and liked how she ended her stay on the Island with a song before getting blasted out of the Island. It was also sad how Ella tried so hard to befriend Sugar, only to be eliminated by her.

12. Heather

Despite how much I hated how Heather treated her fellow competitors, I actually have a lot of respect for her. She was an amazing Villian who truly did an amazing job in all of the seasons she competed in, whether it was stealing Gwen's diary in TDI or tricking Alejandro in the finale of TDWT. After all her work, Heather really deserved her finalist placing TDWT.

11. Tyler

Tyler, the non athletic jock was one of the most entertaining characters on the show. In really glad he wasn't like the other real jocks such as Lightning or Jo. His failed athleticism was funny and so was his relationship with Lindsay, in which Lindsay forgot his name for a bunch of episodes in TDWT.

10. Topher

Not many people like Topher very much, but I loved both his personality and design. With the same color as Chris, he was pretty much a mini Chris himself. Though he didn't participate well is some challenges, I loved how he fell for Chris's trick in Three Zones and a Baby. I'd love to see Topher back on the show, whether as a contestant or perhaps as a cohost, like Geoff and Bridgette in TDA.

9. Zoey

Many people on this Wikia don't like Zoey because she doesn't really have a personality, but I think her personality fits her label perfectly. An Indie Chic is a person who doesn't like to go mainstream or conform to certain label. Zoey doesn't really have a strong personality like many of the other contestants because she's very independent and doesn't want to fit in with any one crowd. Otherwise, Zoey is a very sweet character and her two episodes as Cammando Zoey were so fun to watch! That was exactly what was needed to be added to her character.

8. Jasmine

Jasmine deserved to go as far as she did in TDPI. She was an extremely resourceful character, helping her team right from the start by helping them build a shelter. Jasmine then acted like a motherly figure, helping Samey deal with her sister and collecting food for her teammates every morning. Her elimination was unfair, but was a really outstanding character during her time on the show.

7. Geoff

In TDI, Geoff was by far my favorite character. I thought it was BS that he got eliminated for being the nicest, as it shouldn't be a reason for anyone to be eliminated. His laid back nature was enjoyable when all the other characters were so competitive. In TDA Geoff became more annoying, but still provided a lot of laughs to the show. I really enjoyed the Aftermath episodes and when Geoff was forced into the lie detecting chair in Aftermath III as karma for torturing the previous contestants. I also loved his performance in The Ridonculous Race, though Brody was too similar to him.

6. Lindsay

Most people can agree that Lindsay is one of the most memorable characters in the series. She was truly my favorite underdog and I loved the moments in episodes such as Get A Clue where she proved to her fellow competitors that she isn't as dumb as they think she is. She just never got a break and always got eliminated in unfair ways throughout the series. Though Lindsay wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, she was one of the friendliest whose wit was hilarious at times. I'd love to see her in another season!

5. Mike

I might have ranked Mike higher if it wasn't for the pretty anticlimactic way he ended Mal. Though I was not a fan of the reset button, I loved the idea of a character having multiple personalities. Each of his personalities played a different role in the series, such as Vito being in love with Anne Maria and Chester expressing Mike's frustrations. I'm glad he made it to the finals in TDAS, thus allowing him to develop to his fullest. I also loved the segments with Mike exploring and looking for his personalities inside of himself.

4. Sierra

Contrary to many people, I never found Sierra annoying. I found her to be one of the strongest competitors in the series, as she had many hidden talents and won many challenges. Her love of Cody was also really sweet. Sierra did just about anything to make Cody happy and brought his to first class with her every single time! I really hoped that their relationship would work out. Finally, Sierra is also really smart. She's one of the few characters to not fall to Alejandro's manipulation and even admits that she knows when Heather is just pretending to be nice, saying that she would not trust her. I thought Sierra's character was a very special one.

3. Scarlett

In my opinion, Scarlett was one of the most fascinating characters in the series. Starting from her audition take, I saw the knives in her globe and wondered what was up. Then in the season, she started helping Max with his evil schemes. Then she mentioned that she caused her brother to go into rehab. Finally, She revealed her true nature and tried to take over the Island. I loved all the little hints the producers dropped leading up to Scarlett turning evil. She was a character that I kept on following to see what would happen next and was truly an evil genius!

2. Dawn

Dawn personally was my favorite female character on the show. She just stood out from the beginning and was a very likable character, despite being described as a little creepy by some. She played a big role in revealing things about other characters that we wouldn't have known about otherwise, such as Dakota's need for love and Brick's childhood. Dawn had a lot of unused potential for both development as well as for victory and could have been an incredibly strong competitor if she stayed longer on the show!

1. Cody

Cody has always been my favorite character since TDI, when he was sadly eliminated due to being mauled by a bear. He was just a pretty chill dude and I like how he was willing to get Gwen and Trent together so Gwen could be happy even though he knew it would ruin his chance to be with Gwen. In TDWT Cody did amazing, especially in Greece's Pieces, where he kicked butt. I was both surprised and glad that he made it to the final three and would have liked to see him compete against Heather or Alejandro. Also, I loved Hyde one sided relationship between Cody and Sierra and wish it could develop more in following seasons. :)

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