Everything Wrong With - Brunch of Disgustingness

Sin #1 (2:05)

  • Why is Trent so upset with no breakfast? I thought that breakfast on the Island wasn't something the campers really looked forward to?

Sin #2 (2:10)

  • Chris, the halfway point would have been last episode considering the fact you started out with 22 campers.

Sin #3-4 (2:20)

  • Duncan wasn't seen walking in with the other campers but appeared sitting at one of the tables.
  • The same goes for DJ

Sin #5 (2:22)

  • Though Chris informs the remaining campers that they will be part of the jury, this is not true, as seen in the finale of season 1.

Sin #6 (2:34)

  • Where did Owen go?

Sin #7 (2:44)

  • How are they completely unfazed after Chris announces that the challenge would be a battle of the sexes?

Sin #8-9 (3:20-3:25)

  • Heather literally latches on Brigette's arm in the scene.
  • More importantly, how is Brigette so nice to Heather despite all the bad things she has done on the show?

Sin #10 (3:31)

  • That awkward three second long stare between Gwen and Heather, which seemed a bit unrealistic.

Sin #11-12 (3:34)

  • How is it that all of Bridgette's stuff is already packed when she walked in? It's not like she knew about Chris switching the cabins.
  • Also, why was Bridgette's bag sitting right in the middle of the cabin?

Sin #13 (3:37)

  • Bridgette gasps before Geoff even opens the door. Intuition much?

Sin #14-15 (3:39)

  • Geoff walks into the cabin with his eyes closed.
  • Not to mention, his delayed reaction in noticing that Bridgette was right in front of him.

Sin #16-17 (3:58)

  • Chris coming out of nowhere to pull Bridgette out of the cabin at exactly the right moment.
  • This leaves Geoff saying goodbye to Bridgette seconds after both she and Chris are out of the cabin.

Sin #18-19 (4:30)

  • How did Leshawna know someone ate her pudding pockets? There wasn't anything shown that suggested someone eating her food.
  • To be frank, what even are pudding pockets?

Sin #20 (4:41)

  • Heather claims that Leshawna leaves all of her junk lying around, though none of Leshawna's junk is actually shown besides her bra.

Sin #21 (4:50)

  • Whoa. TMI Leshawna.

Sin #22-23 (4:57)

  • After listing to Leshawna and Heather argue, the only thing Bridgette manages to say is "whoa"?
  • How is it that the other girls just notice Bridgette now, considering that she was in both Gwen and Lindsay's line of sight?

Sin #24 (5:16)

  • What's up with that random kettle and stove just sitting in the background?

Sin #25-26 (5:25-5:35)

  • Heather kicks Lindsay in the foot twice, but each time, Lindsay grabs her knee in pain, not foot.

Sin #27-30 (5:55)

  • Where did the guys get the glasses, soda, and record player from?
  • Also, do people still use records? Duncan has been shown with headphones and Eva has had a MP3 player.

Sin #31-34 (6:04-6:10)

  • As funny as it was, how was Geoff's burp able to blow off a door, knock over a tree, and disintegrate the fur of two squirrels?

Sin #35 (6:15)

  • Duncan's headphones have suddenly levitated from around his neck to the pillow of the top bunk.

Sin #36 (6:20)

  • Where the the guys find that random tree stump for Geoff to give his speech on?

Sin #37 (6:42)

  • That purple flowered make-up kit does not match Heather's personality what-so-ever.

Sin #38 (6:55)

  • Heather grabbing Bridgette's head and applying makeup. Not weird at all. Anyway, how come Heather only applied eyebrow pencil to only one of Bridgette's eyebrows?

Sin #39-40 (7:18)

  • Where did Heather pull that roll of duck tape from?
  • She's shown putting down quite a lot of duck tape for such a small cabin.

Sin #41-42 (7:45)

  • Lindsay was friends with Gwen and Leshawna for the whole season. It's unlikely that she's shunning them right now just to side with Heather.
  • In fact, Lindsay usually questions Heather's ideas. How come she didn't say anything this time?

Sin #43 (8:15)

  • Heather was seen making a small line of duck tape earlier, following by another long line of duck tape. Now however, the duck tape in the cabin is shown to be a single straight line.

Sin #44-48 (8:16)

  • The cabin's not that big. Where did Lindsay, Heather, Leshawna, and Gwen all disappear off to offscreen?
  • Also, if Bridgette agreed to side with Leshawna and Gwen, should they be helping her instead of ditching her in the middle of the room?

Sin #49 (8:43)

  • Why is Bridgette the only one looking surprised after Chris announces the challenge?

Sin #50 (10:03)

  • Just how did Owen swallow all of those "meatballs"

Sin #51-52 (10:16)

  • Owen was shown gulping down most of his meatballs, so how is it that he did not through up character back of the meatballs?
  • Also, why was Owen's puke partly orange when he didn't eat anything of the color in the episode?

Sin #53 (10:30)

  • Owen was already shown eating all of his "meatballs" and then throwing all of it up. How is he still eating more of the "meatballs" from his plate?

Sin #54 (10:31)

  • Well DJ's puke has manically vanished.

Sin #55 (11:39)

  • Leshawna is shown happily chewing her food in the background when she was previously disgusted by it.

Sin #56 (11:59)

  • Well the girls' food has disappeared with almost no trace of any of them eating it. Had they all scarfed it down off screen?

Sin #57 (12:21)

  • Chris's whistle has suddenly appeared around his neck when it was not previously shown. If he really needed it, why didn't Chris use it during the first course?

Sin #58 (12:27)

  • How is it that Owen's dish is STILL completely full after eating all the food on it, puking everything up, and then somehow eating the dish again?

Sin #59-60 (13:18)

  • Chris, you said that the pizza would have jellyfish sauce, not jellyfish sprawled on top of a pizza.
  • Secondly, jellyfish are usually a clearing color, not that shade of hot pink.

Sin #61-62 (13:41)

  • Where did the grasshopper that landed on Heather come from, as the ones on the contestants' pizzas are still present.
  • Heather's scream was also replaced by Lindsay's voice instead.

Sin #63-64 (13:48)

  • How is it that every person's pizza looks exactly the same? And I mean EXACTLY the same.
  • Also, where are Lindsay and Bridgette? They were sitting with the other girls in the last course.

Sin #65 (13:57)

  • Why is Bridgette sitting all by herself on one side of the table? I thought Heather was trying to make an alliance with her and she was friends with Leshawna and Gwen?

Sin #66-68 (14:00)

  • The grasshoppers are hopping off of the pizza in midair.
  • The anchovies are still flopping. Shouldn't fish out of water for this long be dead by now?
  • Also, how is it that none of the toppings have fallen off of a he pizza? If I were a grasshopper I would have been long gone.

Sin #69-70 (14:30)

  • Geoff's bracelet is on the wrong arm.
  • How is it that the girls were served individual slices of pizza while the guys got a whole pie?

Sin #71-72 (14:35)

  • Oh no! Heather has suddenly become cross eyed!
  • When did Gwen and Heather finish their slices of pizza?

Sin #73 (14:42)

  • Bridgette jumping on top of the table to talk to Lindsay instead of walking around it. Not weird at all...
Bridgette and Lindsay

Sin #74 (14:48)

  • Now Bridgette took it to another step. She's now teaching yoga on top of a table... How is none of the other contestants weirded out about this?

Sin #75-76 (15:04)

  • How come Owen has another slice already even when he was told to wait for everyone else to eat one first?
  • Wait a second... If Owen has another slice already, why isn't he eating it, considering how fast he gulped down the first slice.

Sin #77 (15:47)

  • Trent's sudden and extreme pupil dilation.

Sin #78 (15:53)

  • I know DJ's strong, but how is he able to carry Trent in his arms so easily?

Sin #79-80 (16:07)

  • Those animals just casually watching Trent vomiting in the confessional...
  • How was there so much vomit anyway? The sensible thing for Trent to do would be to just vomit into the toilet, which he clearly did not do.

Sin #81 (16:23)

  • Leshawna says that she can't eat the pizza when it was shown earlier that she already ate a slice. Considering that this is her second slice, Leshawna's team should really cut her some slack.

Sin #82 (17:06)

  • That tackle from DJ was more of an act of flying out of the door than tackling.

Sin #83-84 (17:12)

  • Where did the guys get those blindfolds and cloth pins?
  • More importantly, why aren't the girls doing anything about it? Heather didn't even complain that the guys had an unfair advantage.

Sin #85 (17:34)

  • Once again, the girls were not shown eating, but their food had disappeared

Sin #86 (18:05)

  • If the soup ingredients were from Chef's bathroom floor, Chef would have had to clip a LOT of toenails.

Sin #87-89 (18:16)

  • Where did the funnel come from?
  • Wait, and how did Lindsay not choke from something in the soup as it was poured down her throat?
  • Also, where's Gwen at?

Sin #90 (18:25)

  • Oh, we found Gwen. Except that she has moved to the other side of the table and is now sitting with Leshawna instead of Lindsay.

Sin #91-92 (18:40)

  • Yeah... skunks don't produce that much liquid from their behinds.
  • Besides, where did the skunk go after being used by Chef?

Sin #93 (18:57)

  • Sandals as food? How would someone even be able to eat that?

Sin #94 (19:58)

  • When and why was Leshawna chosen to represent the team in the final tiebreaker challenge?

Sin #95 (20:03)

  • Who knew cockroaches produced so much juice?

Sin #96 (20:46)

  • How did that one cockroach survive being blended in the blender anyway?

Sin #97-98 (21:15)

  • Why would Gwen and Leshawna lock Lindsay out of the cabin? I thought they never held a grudge against her?
  • Same goes for Heather, as it is bullying.
TDI Heather and Lindsay

Sin #99-100 (0:31)

  • Two sins I missed from earlier. First, Heather's incident in the recap was mirrored.
  • Also, why wasn't this moment ever referenced by Leshawna or Heather during the corse of their conflict in this episode.

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