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  • I live in New Jersey
  • I was born on June 16
  • I am a Guy
  • SmarticleParticles

    • Why is Trent so upset with no breakfast? I thought that breakfast on the Island wasn't something the campers really looked forward to?

    • Chris, the halfway point would have been last episode considering the fact you started out with 22 campers.

    • Duncan wasn't seen walking in with the other campers but appeared sitting at one of the tables.
    • The same goes for DJ

    • Though Chris informs the remaining campers that they will be part of the jury, this is not true, as seen in the finale of season 1.

    • Where did Owen go?

    • How are they completely unfazed after Chris announces that the challenge would be a battle of the sexes?

    • Heather literally latches on Brigette's arm in the scene.
    • More importantly, how is Brigette so nice to Heather despite all the bad things she…

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  • SmarticleParticles

    It's been a decade since Total Drama started and looking back at all the seasons, I decided to create my list of ranked characters as well as my first blog post. :)

    52. Leonard

    I didn't find Leonard all that funny in the seasons he competed in. He always, in some way or form, contributed to his team's loss in a challenge. In the Ridonculous Race however, he was a bit more tolerable as I enjoyed him teaming up with Tammy.

    51. Ezekiel

    Zeke not only had little to no screen time, but also made annoying racist comments and ended up turining into a weird savage like creature. He was just a creepy guy and pretty much did nothing but annoy the other contestants.

    50. Justin

    Justin was pretty much a joke. He cared more about his appearance than all of the…

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