I've decided to do a character alignement thing for the first generation cast since I think these are the most interesting characters.  It's going to be my first time doing this so...yeah, I'm not too sure. Well, we'll see! I'll try to add some short explanations for each character. Leave a comment if you agree or disagree with my opinions. This is ONLY going to be for the first season which is Total Drama Island. I'll do the others later.



Bridgette= Lawful Good. Bidgette always followed the rules and was overall a very moral persorn

Courtney= Lawful Good. Courtney has always LOVED rules and always made a point to follow them to the extreme. She was a nice character so that's why she is in the Lawful good category.

Heather= Neutral Evil. Heather didn't care about others and used people to get what she wanted without any concerns for them.

Katie/Sadie= Neutral Good. They didn't stay long but they seemed like nice enough characters altough they didn't always followed the rules.

Eva= Lawful Evil. Eva followed the rules but only seemed to care about herself. When she came back to the show, her actions towards Bridgette demonstrated that she was mean and a bully.

Beth= Neutral. Beth was in Heather's alliance  but didn't seem like a bad persorn. That's why she gets to be in the middle.

Gwen: Lawful Good . She always followed the rules, acted nice to pretty much everyone and stayed true to herself.

Leshawna= Lawful Good. Leshawna always worked well with her team, cared about others, respected the rules and always acted in a very moral way. She always put Heather in her place!

Izzy= Chaotic Neutral. Izzy never cared about the rules, used crazy methods to compete in the challenges and joined Heather's alliance for a short time. Overall, pretty much did whatever she wanted.

Lindsay=  Chaotic Neutral. I wanted to put her neutral but I can't considering her actions on the show. Lindsay, while a good persorn, was in Heather's alliance and didn't seem to care about the rules most of the time. I'm going to have say Chaotic Neutral for the most part .


Ezekiel: ? To be honest, I don't know. he only stayed for ONE episode...

Duncan: Chaotic Evil. Duncan was never one to follow the rules and he's rather selfish towards others.

Trent: Neutral Good. A good guy who always tried to do the right thing.

Tyler: Neutral Good. Tyler didn't stay long in the competition but he always seemed to have his team's best interest at heart. However, he didn't always follow the rules, especially in the dodgeball challenge.

Owen: Neutral Good. Owen was a good character that didn't do anything bad during his time on the show.

Cody: Neutral Good. Same thing as Owen.

Noah: Neutral. Noah was a neutral character as he did not take anyone's side.

Geoff: Neutral Good. Geoff was a good character that loved and was loved by all. He worked great in a team and always played peacemaker often.

DJ: Lawful Good. DJ is one of the most moral characters on the show. He followed the rules and was just a really, really sweet guy.

Justin: Neutral. Justin didn't seem to be a bad or a good persorn and was never in an alliance so he's really, really neutral.

Harold: Chaotic Good. He was a good persorn until he decided to eliminate Courtney because he was mad at Duncan. He'd be Chaotic Good.

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