Hi. Here's a blog about the worst friendships on the show. This is only my opinion remember and you are free to yours in the comments section!I will provide a small explaination for each friendship.

Gwen and Courtney: the 3/4 of the friendship interactions is basically them fighting over Duncan.

Noah and Owen: not realistic at all.

Beth and Lindsay: Beth is kind of harsh towards Lindsay but on the other hand, Lindsay doesn't really look like she cares about Beth

Izzy and Noah: not realistic at all once again.

Cody and Sierra: why would Cody want to be friends with Sierra?

Duncan and Zoey: not realistic at all once again.

Gwen and Zoey: Same as Duncan and Zoey

Izzy and Leshawna: they are not  friends anymore but they kind of were in TDI. Way too different.

Lindsay and Leshawna: Same reason as the one above.

That's it.

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