Hello everyone! How is everyone on this first of April? ;)

Just had the idea to make a blog about the couple I dislike the most from the TD franchise: Birdgette x Geoff! Yep, these two are the msot horrible couple from the show. Here are some reasons why I dislike them so much! :

  • They have been together since the first season....BORINGGGGG!

  • They have no chemistry AT ALL!
    Geoff and Bridgette Aftermath


  • They have plenty of things in common. This relationship is so unrealistic!
  •  All the other couples are better than them. Yep, all of them.

There's plenty of other things that I dislike about
Geoff and Bridgette kissing
this pairing and thses two characters individually. I mean, WHO would ever find them likeable in some way?! Leave your thoughts below! ;)

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