Hi. I've made  another blog. I see these kind of blogs more and more often on the wiki. For example, there was one about Lightening recently and people could decide if they think he is a good or a bad character and then explain their opinion. My blog isn't going to be exaclty the same as I will only focus on the good things about this character. You've read the title and you already know that character: Zoey.
Zoey cherry

Ah, Zoey. A character that is hated for reasons that I personally don't understand. Zoey made her first apparence in Revenge of the Island and was introduced as the " Indie chick". From what I have seen, people liked her in TDRI but started disliking her in All-Stars. In my opinion, I kind of enjoyed TDAS but that's not the point here.

Here's a small list about why I like Zoey. This is only what I think:

  • She's nice to others. Even the people who don't like her have to admit that Zoey has always has been nothing but kind to almost everyone.
  • She's skilled. I don't get why people say Zoey " godplayed" in All Stars. She has always did well in physical challenges. She finished in the 3rd place in TDRI.
  • She's honest. Zoey isn't like Alejandro or Heather. She doesn't manipulate people and she plays a fair game.
  • She's a good leader.
  • She's a good protagonist.
  • To resume, these are the main reasons that I like Zoey. I'm sure there are more but basically: she's a good protagonist and I think she deserved her win.

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