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This not exactly a discussion blog like the previous ones that I did but more of a review this time around. Here we go. There has a been a lot of finales in the show but the worst has to be the TDWT one. I know some people surely have a different opinion but here are my reasons for this statement. Remember this is a  short review/discussion about WORLD TOUR. Not the TDI ,TDAS, TDRI or TDA finale...

  •  The finale challenge with the volcano made no sense. I know the show doesn't have to be realistic but come on, this was just too much even for T
    otal Drama. Short point but it is pretty much all I have to say about it.
  • Cody is in the final three. I don't mind the character but the characters that have to reach the finale have to  have certain abilities such as GREAT physical strength and GREAT strategy skills. Cody demonstarted none of those, was lucky enough to be on Team Amazon ( the "best" team)  and was basically carried by Sierra the WHOLE TIME. I mean, I don't dislike Cody nor I am a BIG Sierra fan ( not at all) but another character like Courtney or Sierra would have been fine and it would have been more fun to watch.
    Captain cody
  • Heather and Alejandro are the final two. Alright, I'll acknowledge that they are very skilled competitors and probably made the most sense out of everyone, basically. However, they are both very far from being nice people. Heather was, of course, less agnostic than she used to be in TDI or TDA. but she was stil an anti hero. Alejandro, however, was the villain of the season. He manipulated in what way or another everyone just to advance himself further in the game. I'd have liked a real hero, someone likeable to root for.
  • HeatherAleEgg
    Another thing about Alejandro in WT: everything was just too easy for him. Seriously, he charmed about every girl on the show without any trouble, he became the leader of Team Chris right away and performed greatly in all the challenges. Nothing ever seemed to go wrong for him. They made him too perfect.

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