Wow, I feel like I haven't made a blog in a long time. So I was thinking about this idea and thought it would make an interesting blog. Did you have a contestant that you disliked when they first appeared on the show and you ended up liking them? Is there a contestant you liked back then but would dislike now? I can give some examples form my point of view:

For example, I didn't like Geoff when he first appeared on the show. After a few episodes, my opinion of him changed and now, he is one of my
Geoff countdown
FAVORITE characters. Another example would be Noah. I really liked Noah in the first few episodes of TDI but then I started to find him annoying and from that moment, I disliked Noah.
Noah holding a bucket

As you could see my perceptions of the characters changed a lot. What about your perceptions of the characters? Did it change or did it stay the same?

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