There is a lot of couples on the show. A LOT. Among the couples, it seems obvious that one persorn would be better liked by the fans than one other, no? Among all the couples, who do you think is the better liked of the two ? It can be a couple that is currently together or has broken up. It doesn't matter. It wil give us an idea. I think it will be really interesting. We could be surprised by some of the results. Here's a list! I am probably missing some so don't hesitate to add some. Also, this is not a voting contest but rather a discussion blog.

Duncan and Courtney

Bridgette and Geoff

Jasmine and Shawn

Lindsday and Tyler

Owen and Izzy

Zoey and Mike

Harold and Leshawna

Gwen and Trent

Sky and Dave

Courtney and Scott

Dakota and Sam

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