Hi. I made a very simple little blog about personality types and Total drama characters. Everything is in the title: Do you share a personality type with a Total Drama character? It's with the MBTI personality type test. Here is a quick resume:

Extraverted or Introverted

Sensation or Intuition

Judgement or Perception

Thinking or Feeling

MY RESULT:  I am ISTJ. Just like Chef and Eva!

You can take the MBTI test here for YOUR personality type:

Here are the Total Drama characters results ( Tv tropes) :

INFJ: Cameron, Gwen, Mike

INTP: Noah

ENTJ: Alejandro, Heather

ENTP: Chris, Blaineley, Topher.

INTJ: B ,Scarlett

INFP: Dawn, Rodney, Shawn.

ENFJ: Cody, Harold

ENFP: Beth, Dakota, Izzy, Ella, Max, Sierra.

ISTJ: Chef, Eva

ISFJ: Brick, Dave, DJ, Samey, Zoey.

ESTJ: Courtney, Jo , Lightning

ESFJ: Leshawna, Sky, Jasmine

ISTP: Justin, Scott

ISFP: Bridgette, Ezekiel, Trent, Sam

ESTP: Amy, Duncan.

ESFP: Tyler, Sugar, Geoff, Owen, Lindsay, Sadie, Katie, Staci, Anne Maria

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