First, let me just say it: WOW. I mean, the last blog I did about the character's fanbases is becoming huge. Very cool to see everyone's answers. I had the idea for this one this afternoon. It is similar but this time it's about scene stealing characters. You know, those characters who just have this presence of the screen and they just are so...interesting. They are just awesome. They have this little something that the others do not have. They pratically steal everyscene they are in. Here's some questions if you want to answer...

Who are the most charismatic characters OVERALL? Please do not answer for a specific season of the show.

Who are the scene stealers characters? Again, do not answer for a specific season.

Who are the characters who outshine everyone else?

Also, do you want me to do a blog on the results of the blog about the character's fanbses?

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