I have decided to make another blog. This time, it is about characters's popularity. I know I have already done something similar but it is truly different this time around. This time, I am analysing character's popularity trough the templates of this site. A lot of members have these included in their profiles. Of course, I am aware it won't be an EXACT representation.  The character with the most " fan of..." and the least " hater of...". will be  Let's see the results!   Are you surprised?

1) Lindsay ( 286 times)

2) Tyler ( 174 times)

3) Heather ( 140 times)

4) Owen ( 115 times)

5) Mike ( 111 times)

6) Gwen ( 105 times)

7) Geoff ( 105 times)

8) Zoey ( 103 times)

9) Dawn ( 102 times)

10) Izzy ( 100 times)

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