Hi, it's me again. Making another new blog with another unpopular opinion.

This time, the blog is about a specific topic. It's especially about the Aftermaths. For my part, I enjoyed them incredibly. They were a great creative idea.To my surprise...a lot of people didn't like the aftermaths. They sais that the problem was not with the guests but with the hosts of the show Bridgette and Geoff were chosen as the hosts. People complained that these two characters were BORING. BORING. Bridgette and Geoff were not boring and it gave them a lot of developpement.Also, it takes a certain type of character to host these show. These characters  need to be calm, patient, kind, loving and fun. Bridgette and Geoff were exactly this! Except for Geoff when he let the fame go to his head. For real,  could you see other characters hosting the aftermaths? Let's review ALL the characters, even though I love some of them very much.

Courtney: Too agressive and is would be hated by the guests.

Duncan: Same as Courtney. Duncan gets angry quickly and is agressive.

DJ: Way too boring. Sure he has all the qualities mentionned above but really, DJ, while likeable, hasn't done somehting interesting ever.

Tyler: Too much of a minor character. Very forgettable. The hosts need to have a certain energy.

Noah. Too much of a minor character and add that to the fact that Noah is very sarcastic.

Katie/Sadie. Would be getting on everyone's nerves wiht their squealing. Minors characters.

Beth: She would be boring and then people wouldn't care abotut he aftermaths.

Eva: Eva is a minor character too but that isn't the main reason. She has anger issues.

Izzy:WAY too crazy. Alright as a guest but she could never host.

Lindsay:WAY too stupid to ever host an aftermath. Alright as a guest again.

Heather: Heather would be too mean towards the guests and wouldn't care about them.

Justin:Too self-centered to care about the people on the show.

Ezekiel.:We all know why.

Leshawna: Has too strong opinions and wouldn't be able to be neutral.

Alejandro: He'd try to control eveyrhting and manipulate everyone.

Gwen: Doesn't have the patience for it.

Harold: He'd be too awkward.

Trent: He is very bland.

Owen: Too centered on food.

Sierra: In theroy, she would be fine but she would be too distracted over Cody.

Cody: He would be okay but he isn't really interesting.

And that is why Bridgette and Geoff are the perfect choices!

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