I have not made a blog in a long time so I have decided to make one while we wait for the Ridonculous Race! As everyone knows, TDWT was the only series that had the cast sing songs within the show. Ella was the exception in TDPI. Back to TDWT, I have decided to make a discussion blog about the best  and worst singers of the show. These are only my opinions so feel free to add your own  about the subject in the comment section! 

My Opinions:


Alejandro: He was a decent singer but I like his voice well enough. I think he's the one that sung the most in the show.

Best song: " I'm Gonna Make It"

Bridgette:  She had a lovely singing voice! Very soft.

Best song: " I'm Sorry"

Courtney:  Excellent singer. Very Brodway-like in my opinion. One of the best in TDWT.

Best song: "Boyfriend Kisser"

Duncan: Duncan really surprised me as his voice was AMAZING! He should have sung more. One of the best.

Best song: " Greek Mix"

Sierra: I don't really like Sierra that much but I think she has a good singing voice.

Best song: " Paris in the Springtime"

Heather: I don't like her voice as much as Bridgette or Courtney but she sounded great in pretty much every song.

Best song: " Wake Up"

Noah: Like Alejandro, Noah is a decent singer but he has the ability to sound really good in some songs.

Best song: "  Come Fly with Us"


Geoff: He sounds alright but I just don't really like voice.

Best song: " Her Real name isn't Blaineley"

Owen: Owen's singning voice can be good or bad depending on the song.

Best song: " Oh my Izzy"

Cody: Same thing as Geoff.

Best song: " Condor"

Gwen: Same thing as Owen.

Best song: " Greek mix"

Lindsay: Same thing as Owen. However, Lindsay sung very little on the show.

Best song: " Come Fly with Us"

Izzy: Her singing voice is kind of annoying.

Best song: " Come Fly with Us"

Ezekiel: I don't remember anything he sung on the show.

Best song: ?

Blaineley: Not a fan of her singing voice.

Best song: "Blainerific"

Harold: Just like Izzy, Harold has an annoying singing voice.

Best song: I'm Winning This Time"

DJ: He sung too little for me to have an opinion on his voice.

Best song: " Sea Shanty"

Tyler: Tyler is as good as sports as he is as a singer.

Best song: " Eine Kleine"

Leshawna: I wish Leshawna had sung more because I really liked " Sisters".

Best song: " Sisters"

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