A week ago or so, I made a blog about people who shipped Courtney and José , Al's brother, together. For some kind of unknow reason because they didn't even had one interaction as José as appeared in one SCENE in TDAS. Some of you answered that he would be well suited to Courtney as he is everything she wants in a guy. Some answered that Courtney was once attracted to Alejandro but since that Al is taken, why not ship her with José?

Today. I am going to talk about another couple that I don't understand: Lindsay/Alejandro! That's right, some people actually ship this! Okay, they had some interactions but...I still don't understand why. I mean, they flirted a lot and Alejandro did seem to treat her better than other girls but...What do they even have in common?! I can't wait your answers.

Edit: I don't remember very well but I think Lindsay was one of Alejandro's helpers and rooted for him.

Bigez Lindsay Rankings
File:Alejandro TDWT Rank.png

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