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    I have not made a blog in a long time so I have decided to make one while we wait for the Ridonculous Race! As everyone knows, TDWT was the only series that had the cast sing songs within the show. Ella was the exception in TDPI. Back to TDWT, I have decided to make a discussion blog about the best  and worst singers of the show. These are only my opinions so feel free to add your own  about the subject in the comment section! 

    My Opinions:


    Alejandro: He was a decent singer but I like his voice well enough. I think he's the one that sung the most in the show.

    Best song: " I'm Gonna Make It"

    Bridgette:  She had a lovely singing voice! Very soft.

    Best song: " I'm Sorry"

    Courtney:  Excellent singer. Very Brodway-like in my opinion. One of…

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    Hello everyone! How is everyone on this first of April? ;)

    Just had the idea to make a blog about the couple I dislike the most from the TD franchise: Birdgette x Geoff! Yep, these two are the msot horrible couple from the show. Here are some reasons why I dislike them so much! :

    • They have been together since the first season....BORINGGGGG!

    • They have no chemistry AT ALL!

    • They have plenty of things in common. This relationship is so unrealistic!
    •  All the other couples are better than them. Yep, all of them.

    There's plenty of other things that I dislike about this pairing and thses two characters individually. I mean, WHO would ever find them likeable in some way?! Leave your thoughts below! ;)

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    Hello to all!

    I watched TDI and TDA again and I noticed that some of the friendships that were considered important back then were totally forgotten now. For example, Gwen, Bridgette and Leshawna. They were shown to be close friends during TDI and after that season, they were never shown together. Why is that? I understand that the teams change over time but that did not seem to be an issue in the first seasons. I feel like the friendships between the contestants were very important in the first seasons and then they just decided to focus more on the relationships instead. What friendships  would like to see again in future seasons?

    List of all some friendships in Total Drama Island:


    DJ/ Geoff/Duncan



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    Wow, I feel like I haven't made a blog in a long time. So I was thinking about this idea and thought it would make an interesting blog. Did you have a contestant that you disliked when they first appeared on the show and you ended up liking them? Is there a contestant you liked back then but would dislike now? I can give some examples form my point of view:

    For example, I didn't like Geoff when he first appeared on the show. After a few episodes, my opinion of him changed and now, he is one of my FAVORITE characters.

    Another example would be Noah. I really liked Noah in the first few episodes of TDI but then I started to find him annoying and from that moment, I disliked Noah.

    As you could see my perceptions of the characters changed a lot…

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    Hey to all!

    It's my first blog of 2015 and I decided to talk about Dave. When I first watched TDPI, he became my favorite character right away. Those who watched the entire season know what happened between Sky and him. Dave got derailed like many characters on the show and became unpopular among the fans. My question is... What do you think of Dave? Do you think the character has still potential?

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