So, here's the one biggest problem with TD in my eyes.  The winners can be easily guessed, because if a contestant won ever, in either ending, they won't win again.  For TDAS, we could easily rule out Lightning, Cameron, Alehandro, Heather, Duncan, and Gwen.  

Another problem is how little the characters developed in AS.  A and WT did great jobs with Justin, Beth, Cody, etc.  But the trouble started this season.  First, Alehandro.  He sounded nothing like WT Alehandro, and he wasn't nearly as evil.  For some reaso, he seemed more...calm.  He didn't start much trouble at all, other than with Mal and Heather.  Lindsey seemed to be smarter after WT, but clearly that's not the case.  All Jo did was come up with some nicknames.  I don't even think she named all of them.  Lightning basically stayed the same.  Scott is the worst.  Last year, he was the most evil on the island.  He caused tons of trouble on the island, with everyone.  And, for the second time he put a "nice" character into an evil alternate personality.  (Zoe, Soldier Girl-Mike, Mal)  Also, Heather did trick everyone to vote Alehandro, but that's about it.  Courtney was evil...then nice...then evil.  Sierra only cared about Cody, which would have been funny if Cody was there to say something back.  She crushed on Cameron, only because she thought he was Cody.  The rest didn't do much.  Duncan went insane, straight up.  Zoe sat around, ALMOST realizing Mal, and then decided it was fine.  Gwen, Sam, and Cameron did nothing useful.  And all of this revolved around Mal, who was the "big villian".  Yet, everyone should know it's him!  They've had SO MANY HINTS!  Especially Zoe!  Duncan literally told her!  And if everyone developed normally...Mal would be eliminated.  Sigh.  Old writers, please!

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