There's a funny side note to my "I Wanna Be Famous" Korean translation.

School here ended yesterday but I run a "camp" for kids whose parents want them to get some extra English lessons. It's only for a week and since I was told I could do whatever I wanted in the camp I made it a Harry Potter camp.

I busted my butt for weeks beforehand to get everything ready and despite a few twists day one went great. We'd just gotten the part where the kids were going to make their own wands by rolling a piece of paper around a straw, taping it and then decorating it however they wanted when I realized I'd forgotten to get out the printer paper we were supposed to use. As I was looking around for some paper I spotting a pile of paper I was going to recycle later. On top were about six copies of the TD theme's Korean translation I had from kids who'd been out when we did the lesson.

So I grabbed those papers and some others and we rolled on. But there's now about a half dozen Korean kids who have the TD theme song at the core of their wands rather than unicorn hair or dragon heartstrings. Okay, a straw is actually the core and the song is the tastely shell. Pick, pick.

It's the magic of Total Drama and the magic of Harry Potter all in one!

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