A few months ago I moved from the States to South Korea to work as an English teacher. With the economy being what it is getting back into the English teaching game seemed a good choice. And it was since my school is cool and the other teachers I work with like it when I work geeky stuff into my lessons. Even if they don't get just WHAT I worked in.

Anyway, the other day one of the teachers asks me if I could come up with a lesson about "American summer vacation songs." o_0 Yeah, I didn't know the US had anything that specific. At least, not anything that people on the street would know. So I thought it over and a few songs came to mind like The Go-Gos "Vacation" and The Beachboys "I Get Around." Just for the heck of it I tossed in the TDI theme since it was set at a summer camp so it *sorta* fit.

My co-worker checked the YouTube links I sent her and picked the TDI theme as the song she wanted me to teach. Sweetness! Okay, it was from a Canadian show but she didn't have to know that. Since my Korean is still very basic she and I worked together and came up with a rough but workable Korean translation of the theme song. The plan was to show the opening a few times and then have the kids repeat the song back to us line by line. I don't care for it, but memorization is pushed a fair bit here.

In any case, the kids DID seem to enjoy watching the TDI opening. Owen's fart and Katie and Sadie drooling over Justin got the biggest laughs. Plus, it was just cool seeing kids in a country that never got TD playing air guitar and whistling to the theme. Yeah, only a few of them got into it enough to do something like that. But I saw plenty of grins so I know that most of them were at least amused. One kid even kept going "I wanna be, I wanna be," after the song was over. To top it all off after my co-teacher about drowned under kids asking her what "YouTube" was.

All in all, a win for TD, I think.

For those who are interested, here's the translation we came up with. Again, it'd kinda rough but we did the best we could with limited time.

사랑하는 엄마, 아빠 저는 잘 지내요.

저는 항상 엄마, 아빠를 생각해요.

두 분은 제가 무엇이 되길 원하냐고 물으셨죠.

그리고 저는 지금 그 대답은 분명히 볼 수 있다고 생각해요.

저는 유명해지고 싶어요.

저는 태양 가까이 살길 원해요.

여러분, 가방을 챙겨가세요.

저는 벌써 게임에서 이겼기 때문이에요.저는 최고에요.

아무것도 막을 수 없어요.

저는 언제가 성공할 거에요.

왜냐하면 유명해지길 원하니까요.


저는 유명해지길 원해요.

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