I've mentioned here before than I teach English in South Korea at an elementary school. I've used pics from TD in my PowerPoints on loads of lessons and even played the first theme song a few times as "fun video" to reward the class for being good.

But last week I was teaching about "I want..." And what better to do that than "I Wanna Be Famous"? So the TDI and TDRotI versions of the opening got played in over a dozen classes and I got to see a couple hunderd Korean kids going "I wanna be famous!" and "Na, na, na, na!" I even showed them some clips from "Dodgebrawl" since people getting hit in the face with balls doesn't need a translation. But the kicker was kids in several classes wanting to know the name of show so they could hunt for clips themselves on YouTube.

And I took this picture since I thought people here might get a kick out of it.


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