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    Total Drama Sims

    March 30, 2013 by Skyrocket

    I'm a big Sims 3 fan. One day I got to poking around on the Sims 3 Exchange; a place were fans can post content they made. On a whim I checked to see if there was any Total Drama stuff. Turns out there was a decent bit. I got to thinking about how it would fun to download some of the TD Sims people had made and make my own mini-season.

    After looking around I selected Gwen, Linday and Courtney since I thought there were the best made. But the "series" needed a host and it really wouldn't be right for Chris to be living with three young girls like that. So since no one else had done it I made Blaineley. She'd danced the host/contestant line before so it seemed to fit.

    You can find her here…

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  • Skyrocket

    Small World

    March 29, 2013 by Skyrocket

    I was talking with a fellow English teacher here in Korea about some of the more successful lessons I've done. He's new to teaching here so I gave him a bunch of my material and was telling him about it. When I mentioned the Total Drama theme song lesson he laughed. You see, the fellow in question was an Atlanta native and he'd interneted at Cartoon Network. During his time there he actual wrote parts of the Total Drama website.

    What are the odds?

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  • Skyrocket

    I've mentioned here before than I teach English in South Korea at an elementary school. I've used pics from TD in my PowerPoints on loads of lessons and even played the first theme song a few times as "fun video" to reward the class for being good.

    But last week I was teaching about "I want..." And what better to do that than "I Wanna Be Famous"? So the TDI and TDRotI versions of the opening got played in over a dozen classes and I got to see a couple hunderd Korean kids going "I wanna be famous!" and "Na, na, na, na!" I even showed them some clips from "Dodgebrawl" since people getting hit in the face with balls doesn't need a translation. But the kicker was kids in several classes wanting to know the name of show so they could hunt for cl…

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  • Skyrocket

    Total Review Island

    April 21, 2012 by Skyrocket

    I know I'm a little late to the game, but I posted a review of the last season on YouTube today.

    I've been doing TV shows reviews fairly regularly for a few weeks now and they seem to be going over pretty well with people. I'd have done it for TDRotI, but I didn't get into doing my reviews until the season was mostly over. So I figured an overall review would have to do.

    If there is a season five I'll do my normal individual episode reviews.

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    Total Drama Music Battles

    September 30, 2011 by Skyrocket

    I’ve mentioned before that I’m an English teacher in South Korea. I *love* to use funny pictures in my lessons and put a lot of work into finding them. Some time back I grabbed a TON of TD pics to use for a game that ultimately didn’t fly with the Korean teachers I work with. I was bummed but at the end of the day it is the Korean teachers’ classes so they get final say.

    Anyway, I hung onto those pics figuring I’d be able to use them again later. Recently I was able to do that twice. The first time one of co-teachers asked me to come up with a lesson in a hurry. I just had to have two pictures a person and a few sentences talking about what the person was like so the kids could practice descriptions. I dug into my photo stash and picked sho…

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