Skyriver342 here! Remember in The Final Wreck-ening, with the "Derailed" balloon all-stars. I've thought up a new exclusive clip to confirm their life status on screen.


FADE IN amidst the ruins of Camp Wawanakwa. Courtney, Duncan, Jo, Lightning, Lindsay, Sam, Scott, and Sierra arrive from the left.

Courtney: (Groans) I can't believe this. Chris actually left us to die in these balloons! Why did we ever agree to this? (Pouts) I hate this show!

Jo: Says you! Now that Wawanakwa's gone, we're finally free from Mr. Hollywood's grasp!

Courtney: Well yeah but, we're still floating in this cesspool of...of...of whatever the heck this is!

Duncan: Look at it this way princess: There's no more crappy food. No more psychotic challenges. And best of all, we still have each other.

Scott: Speak for yourself, I'm still not forgivin' or forgettin'.

Lightning: And Lightning still thinks he should've been a team of one.

(Brief Pause)

Sierra: So now what?

Sam: Beats me. Usually these things always go uphill from here.

???: RUN!!!

Courtney: Uh, don't you mean swim?

Sam: Of course he does. But from what?

Suddenly, the head of Fang rises from the water

Lindsay: EEE! I love dolphins! They're just so cute! (Continues to ramble)

Scott: Uh, Lindsay?

Lindsay: What?

Scott: That's no dolphin.

Fang then begins his feeding spree. The other contestants scream as they swim away from Fang. FADE TO BLACK.

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