Total Drama Superstars is the sixth season of Total Drama.


Chris Mclean has kept getting hate mail on Total Drama All-Stars, so he's decided to up the auntie on the ow factor on his newest season of Total Drama, ever!

He's chosen the 26 most expendable memorable contestants from past seasons face off on Pahkitew Island, to compete in some of the most daunting challenges from past seasons... with a special twist, once again. Competing on the newest season is: Malevolent Twin Sister, Amy; Tanned Attitude In A Can, Anne Maria; Geek Wannabe, Beth; Pants-Wetting Military Cadet, Brick; The "Coolest" Contestant, Cody; Germaphobic Normal Guy, Dave; Aura-Reading Moonchild, Dawn; Brickhouse With A Heart, DJ; Cutest Princess, Ella; Rage-Fueled Powerhouse, Eva; Obnoxious Nerd, Harold; Delusional Hose Beast, Izzy; Natural-Born Outbacker, Jasmine; Strategic Eye Candy, Justin; Anything But A Wizard, Leonard; Sassy Sista, Leshawna; Super Villain Gone Bad, Max; Sarcastic Bookworm, Noah; 300-Pounds Of Fun, Owen; The Nicer Sibling, Samey; Zombie Conspiracy Nut, Shawn; Athletic Amazon, Sky; Pageant Queen Psycho, Sugar; Fame Monger, Topher; Weird Guitarist, Trent; and Infinite Pain Magnet, Tyler. The twenty-six contestants are divided into two teams: The "Greater Gorillas" and, The "Lesser Lemurs". Tensions will flare up, couples will break up, and friends will make up until there is only one superstar left on the playing field.


S# Episode Writer(s) American airdate Canadian airdate
1 146 We Aren't The Champions Alex Ganetakos July 6, 2017 July 8, 2017
2 147 Dawson's Geek Terry McGurrin July 13, 2017 July 15, 2017
3 148 The One With The Disgusting Meals Alex Ganetakos July 20, 2017 July 22, 2017
4 149 Max-imum Pain Damage Laurie Elliot July 27, 2017 July 29, 2017
5 150 Love and Lies Ed MacDonald August 3, 2017 August 5, 2017
6 151 Twinning Still Isn't Everything Terry McGurrin August 10, 2017 August 12, 2017
7 100 Suckers Punched Laurie Elliott October 22, 2013 February 13, 2014
8 101 You Regatta Be Kidding Me Ed MacDonald October 29, 2013 February 20, 2014
9 102 Zeek And Ye Shall Find Terry McGurrin November 5, 2013 February 27, 2014
10 103 The Obsta-Kill Kourse Laurie Elliott November 12, 2013 March 6, 2014
11 104 Sundae Muddy Sundae Ed MacDonald November 19, 2013 March 13, 2014
12 105 The Bold and the Booty-ful Alex Ganetakos and Terry McGurrin November 26, 2013 March 20, 2014
13 106 The Final Wreck-ening Alex Ganetakos and Terry McGurrin December 3, 2013 March 27, 2014