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  • Skyriver342

    Skyriver342 here! Remember in The Final Wreck-ening, with the "Derailed" balloon all-stars. I've thought up a new exclusive clip to confirm their life status on screen.


    FADE IN amidst the ruins of Camp Wawanakwa. Courtney, Duncan, Jo, Lightning, Lindsay, Sam, Scott, and Sierra arrive from the left.

    Courtney: (Groans) I can't believe this. Chris actually left us to die in these balloons! Why did we ever agree to this? (Pouts) I hate this show!

    Jo: Says you! Now that Wawanakwa's gone, we're finally free from Mr. Hollywood's grasp!

    Courtney: Well yeah but, we're still floating in this cesspool of...of...of whatever the heck this is!

    Duncan: Look at it this way princess: There's no more crappy food. No more psychotic challenges. And best…

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  • Skyriver342

    All-Stars Re-Re-Write

    September 14, 2016 by Skyriver342

    Total Drama Superstars is the sixth season of Total Drama.

    Chris Mclean has kept getting hate mail on Total Drama All-Stars, so he's decided to up the auntie on the ow factor on his newest season of Total Drama, ever!

    He's chosen the 26 most expendable memorable contestants from past seasons face off on Pahkitew Island, to compete in some of the most daunting challenges from past seasons... with a special twist, once again. Competing on the newest season is: Malevolent Twin Sister, Amy; Tanned Attitude In A Can, Anne Maria; Geek Wannabe, Beth; Pants-Wetting Military Cadet, Brick; The "Coolest" Contestant, Cody; Germaphobic Normal Guy, Dave; Aura-Reading Moonchild, Dawn; Brickhouse With A Heart, DJ; Cutest Princess, Ella; Rage-Fueled Powerhouse…

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  • Skyriver342

    A few bios

    September 14, 2016 by Skyriver342

    Skyriver342 here! I've recently been looking at the World Tour Biographies, and I've decided that to create some of the 2nd and 3rd generation cast bios in that same style. Enjoy!

    Total Drama: Revenge of the Island:


    • In Three Words: Meek, Nervous, Smart-Like.
    • Favorite Location: His bubble.
    • Quote: "Up until six hours ago, I've never done anything before, except read and sigh a lot."

    Anne Maria

    • In Three Words: Sassy, Pushover, Tanned.
    • Favorite Hairspray: AquaFresh.
    • Quote: "Have you seen my nails? This is why I drive with my feet."


    • In Three Words: Jock, Bossy, Selfish.
    • Favorite Ally: None.
    • Quote: "It's called a winning attitude. Get over it, or get out of the way."


    • In Three Words: Over-Achiever, Meek, Slightly Expendable.
    • Favorite Food: Chef's…
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  • Skyriver342

    To Start Things Off...

    August 26, 2016 by Skyriver342

    Skyriver342 here! As you may have geussed, this is my first blog post! And what better way to kick things off is by my list of all the biographies (with a few minor tweaks)! Here we go:

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