Hi, Skylanderlord3 here, with my keyboard that I hate! I'm here today to talk about characters that have never made it to the merge, but should have by now! Now before I start, I'd like to thank AD744 for giving me this idea and ScrawnyLittleWhiteBoy for helping me by giving me an idea on what to write, but now...... let's get into this.

10. Brick


Like this.....

Brick is just such a lovable character who tries to help his team and be useful, (TRY being the key-word there.) his athletic and disciplined self leads him to being in competions with Jo. The main reason I want to include him on here is because he was only eliminated because, oh, I don't know, SAVED MIKE, ZOEY, AND CAMERONS LIFE? Which I find very unfair. Also, I wanted more Brick derp moments.

9. Ella

Okay, before I talk about Ella and why she should merge, we need to talk about how cute EllaxDave is,TBH, it's my favorite one-sided attraction and Fanon realtionship. ANYWAYS, I really enjoyed Ella's singing and thought it was pretty good, but sadly, that singing caused her down-fall. The reason I'm adding Ella is because of how unfair her elimination was, 1. Her team didn't even lose, #Salty. 2. It wasn't because of some real reason, just Chris being a total jerk. (That is why he is amazing.) But, hey, if Ella comes back for season 7, (I prefer to call it 7, not 6.) I'd LOVE to see her make the merge.

8. Noah

First off, I'm very easy to predict, I know, ANYWAYS, I've just always liked Noah, I like his sarcasm, it can relate to a lot of people. If only he weren't super freakin' lazy in Dodgebrawl he might have done decent in TDI, it's also the fact that Noah was eliminated, like Ella, because of Chris (TDWT). I also liked his friendship with Owen, and his...... *Hides*, realtionship with Emma. So yeah. 

7. Anne Maria

Anne Maria will always hold a place for me as the second best RoTI character, like the others on the list, she was robbed just because of a fake diamond, it seemed like Anne Maria could've stayed in, but sadly, Chris the Cruel wouldn't let her stay. I also liked her interactions a lot, even with Vito.............*Runs* So, yeah, another robbed character with SO much potential.

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