At 8:00 I will start the countdown of my favorite characters and why they are my favorites. Feel free to comment and tell me why you disagree or agree with my opinion. All of the Total Drama contestants will be in this blog from least favorite to favorite contestant.

52-42 I strongly dislike

41-32 I dislike

31-23 Neutral

22-11 I like

10-1 I Love

Strongly DislikeEdit

52. Zoey

Wow I can go on for days about why I strongly dislike Zoey. Let's start with her boring personality. Actually I lied, I wish she had a boring personality, she has no personality at all. Her character revolves solely on Mike. In Revenge of the Island I didn't necessarily dislike her that much, but then came Total Drama All Stars. In my head at least it seemed that she magically acquired skills that allowed her to do the impossible. She doesn't even have an athletic background, she just godplayed her way all the way to the finale of Total Drama All Stars.

51. Mike

File:Mike and personalities about to push reset button.png

Well here we have no personality #2. In Revenge of the Island it took Mike until the final 6 to finally tell Zoey he had MPD. I actually think I figured out why Mike has MPD. His character was so boring that his brain had to make up alternate personalities to keep Mike interesting. The sad part is, Total Drama tries to make his condition funny when in reality it is a very serious condition. Mike didn't deserve to win Total Drama All Stars in my opinion because he wasn't even mentally present for at least 3/4ths of the season. In the end he won after doing absolutely nothing except for moving around in his brain with his alternate personalities.

50. Ezekiel

I feel bad for Zeke. In both seasons he was eliminated first, and then the whole golem thing was a sick joke that wasn't funny at all. You would think after Total Drama World Tour the golem act would be over, but no instead they bring him back only to continue the act in season 4 and 5. Unfortunately for Zeke he is most likely never to return to his normal human form. He will most likely always remain in this space in my list unless the producers decide to restore him to his human form. Honestly I doubt this will happen because there is nothing left for Ezekiel sadly.

49. Staci

Staci is the definition of two words; annoying and wasteful. First off her great great great whatever thing doesn't make any sense. She should learn that no one cares. It baffles me why they put her on the show. She will obviously never compete again, and the thing that annoys me most about Staci is how her character is so unrealistic. No one cares or knows anything about their great great great grandfather.

48. Rodney

Rodney is just like Staci a waste. In some ways he resembles Scott a farm boy, ginger, and can't talk to girls, but Rodney is a unique character because for some odd reason he thinks every girl he meets is madly in love with him. Then in his small brain he thinks of scenarios of how to dump them when he sees another girl, when he has never said a word to them. This seriously aggravates me because I feel that if he thinks every girl he talks to is in love with him he has a major mental problem, otherwise his character makes no sense at all.

47. Leonard

I guess now anyone can make it on to Total Drama. I mean the poor guy thinks he is a wizard. His character was never was going to have any development, and he was just a fodder. Also to the cosplayers on the wiki he was found very offensive. I doubt that he will ever compete again on Total Drama.

46. Blainley

I do not dislike Blainley, but I can not put her any higher than here because she only competed for 2 episodes. On the 2 episodes that she was on the show she added more drama with her Chef alliance, and then her exit speech. The reason why she ranks so low on my rankings is because She entered the game at a bad time. It was already the final 8, so it was obvious she wasn't going to make it very far. It would have been better if she joined the cast 5 episodes before the final 8 that way her character could have been more developed before her elimination.

45. Beardo

Beardo reminds me of a homeless man. His hair and the stain on his shirt say it all. My guess is on the streets he makes sound effects and beatboxes to earn money. Anyways as a contestant he was pretty much useless to his team. He made sound effects the whole time, and ultimately was a waste of space. He did have a few funny scenes though, including the one in the picture above.

44. Sugar

To me Sugar seems like an attempt at an Owen 2.0. Sugar is disgusting, obnoxious, and just plain out stupid. I actually thought she was going to be eliminated first. Instead some how she managed to outlast all of the fit contestants. I can't believe somehow she wasn't the last one to reach the flag in the final 4. I mean the only way I could not see her coming in last is if someone was holding a donut in front of her up the whole mountain. She eats nearly everything in sight, and she has the IQ of a demented monkey. She thought Leonard was a real wizard, I'm pretty sure my point is clear on why I dislike Sugar.

43. Sam

To begin Sam's design is pretty ugly. His whole Dakota relationship was cute, but then the whole mutation thing happened and yeah...... Anyways his character never struck me as interesting from the start. He would be a bit higher on this list if he wasn't on All Stars. The producers made a huge mistake in bringing him back, it doesn't make sense. Not only that, but you would think that they would give him more character development or something. Instead he is eliminated pre merge yet again.

42. Trent

Poor guy, I liked his character a little but in TDI, but then TDA came around and ended any chance of me ever being a fan of his. In TDA he became obsessive, weird, and overall obnoxious. At the time I loved it when Gwen broke up with him because that allowed Gwuncan to happen season 3, but now you have to feel bad for the guy. His character suffered one of the worst derailments in Total Drama history.


41. Dakota

There are two sides to Dakota. The fame loving superstar, and the freak mutant. Personally I liked the original Dakota because she was one of the few characters that made Revenge of the Island interesting for me. I absolutely hate the mutant Dakotazoid. I don't know about you guys, but it doesn't amuse me when innocent normal contestants get changed into freak shows. I'll put Dakota here on the list for now unless she is restored back to human form. I also supported the Dakota and Sam relationship until the mutation happened.

40. Amy

The thing I don't like about Amy is her whole character revolves around the existence of Samey. All she does is make fun of her poor sister, who does everything Amy says. Her character would have no chance of development, unless Samey was not competing with her. I think the producers timed her elimination perfectly. She got the karma she deserved, and left the show early. After all her character would serve no purpose if Samey was eliminated before her.

39. Sadie 38. Katie

The reason I put these two together is obviously because they are almost always together. I only dislike these 2 because sometimes they would get really annoying. For example "Eeeeeeeeee", but they were good as comic relief at times in my opinion. There characters may have been better if they stayed on opposite teams, that way they can develop as individual characters. Unfortunately they only competed on Total Drama for one season, so there is not much I can say about them.

37. Eva

I think this picture suits Eva. Eva was awesome on the 5 episodes she competed on. The problem was she only competed for 5 episodes. As a character she didn't really develop much, but she was fun to watch at times. She definitely put some drama in Total Drama. I think that she deserves another season on the show.

36. Courtney
Gopher egg

I used to absolutely hate Courtney, but then I realized something, she always gets karma for the way she is. In TDI she gets cheated out of the million because Harold tampered with the votes, in TDA she was betrayed by Duncan in Top Dog, she deserved this because she wrote a book on things Duncan needed to do to be her boyfriend. In World Tour Duncan cheats on her, and she goes crazy. She deserved this because she was always whining and complaining especially in the first episode. Finally in All Stars she finally makes up with Gwen, only to betray Gwen and her boyfriend Scott in Sundae Mundae. I honestly really liked Courtney in season 1 even though she was bossy, but her character was ruined to me in TDA and her future seasons.

35. Gwen
Gwen gets a new conf pose wow

Three seasons of one of the greatest characters completely ruined in All Stars. Allow me to explain, Gwen was awesome, she was an original character with great development, and made Total Drama very fun to watch. Before All Stars she would be #5 on my list, but for now she is knocked down 30 places. In All Stars for the first few episodes she was acting like she was pregnant. In the second episode you find out it is because she wants to be friends with Courtney. Are you frickin kidding me. You want to be friends with the girl who has no friends, and the girl whose boyfriend you stole. Okay this story is painfully dragged out through like half the season, but then it gets better. She finally becomes friends with Courtney, and this time Courtney ruins their friendship. What a waste of a season for Gwen and Courtney.

34. Anne Maria
Finders Creepers (32)

Okay Anne Maria is funny at times, but overall she isn't really a good character. She didn't really have any development, she is just a selfish hair spray loving girl. I didn't find the Vito thing interesting either. Hopefully she will not return for RR unless the writers give her character more development.

33. Justin

Ok to be honest I didn't necessarily hate Justin like most of the fanbase. Sure he was self-centered and a horrible excuse for an antagonist in season 2, but he was interesting to watch sometimes. Only for the reasons mentioned earlier is why he falls in my dislike category.

32. Owen
Ep01 owen fart large

I used to love Owen as a kid. He was awesome until I got older and realized how lame his fart jokes are. The gag got old after season 1. I was also surprised that Owen some how placed 1st and 3rd in back to back seasons. Just like someone at the bottom of my list. "Cough Cough Zoey" The guy had no strategies and he still managed to merge every season.


31. Topher

Topher character was eh, I liked his characters originality but that'd pretty much it. He didn't even care about the million dollars, he just cared about replacing Chris. This kind of irritated me, but not much. I think he served his role for the season, and he is not coming back.

30. B

Well there is not much to talk about here since B rarely ever talks. He made it onto my neutral list because he was pretty cool on the episodes he was on. He was pretty handy, and didn't go far because the producers weren't going to let someone who doesn't require a voice actor merge.

29. Ella
Ella eliminated TDPI

Ella is an original character, but most likely not going to compete again. She was nice, but sung way too much. She was oblivious to the fact that Chris told her never to sing again. Also she constantly tried to be friends with Sugar of all people which failed, but she was sweet so she deserves to not be in my dislike section.

28. Tyler

Tyler is a one time joke over done. He was funny a little bit in TDI, but just like Owen this gag got old fast. However I did support the Tyler and Lindsay relationship, so I think it is fair to put this guy here.

27. Scott
Food Fright Scott

I supported Scott as a villain in season 4, mainly because he eliminated Mike, but other than that his character isn't that appealing to me. In All-Stars he was kind of funny at times, but he is sometimes just very pathetic. The whole Courtney Scott thing just nooooo. Eww. His character is just okay. There is nothing that good about him and nothing that bad about him either.

26. Izzy

Izzy is very hard to describe. Well she is crazy, and she also makes the show very entertaining. There is really no reason to dislike her. It sucks how her relationship ended with Owen in season 3 though.

25. Dave

-_- What a waste..... Dave was my favorite in the first 6 episodes of Total Drama, but then the producers completely ruined his character. He became a whiny little baby when Sky rejected him, after this he still was in my top ten, but then the finale came. Are you frickin kidding me, you turn Dave into a crazy psychopath and make him try to kill his 2 best friends in the matter of 5 minutes. Wow. I really still hope there is still hope for his character. Please return and redeem yourself Dave.

24. Jo

Jo was a good character in my opinion. She definitely was well developed, and she had interesting interactions in TDRI. However in All Stars I didn't like her that much. She was just there to argue with Heather and get rid of Lightning. Even though All Stars made me dislike her a bit, I think this is fair placing.

23. Geoff

Geoff was awesome in season 1. He was chill and loved to party. Also his relationship with Bridgette was one of the best. I think TDA didn't really ruin his character, I think it made him more interesting. For one it explored another side of his personality, but then eventually he returned to his normal party loving self. In order for me to really like Geoff, I would love to see him go far in the game again and develop like season 1.


22. Sierra

Sierra is one of the most interesting original characters. She is one of the reasons why World Tour was the best seasons. Also her obsession with Cody was priceless. However; I didn't find her interesting at all in All Stars. She still is awesome, but I would like the writers to develop her character more in a future season.

21. Noah

When I was younger I wasn't too intrigued with Noah's character especially since he only competed in 3 episodes in season 1. When I later watched Total Drama I found him hilarious like many others on the wiki. The problem is he didn't get enough screen time for me to really enjoy his character. I would love to see Noah compete in future seasons and make it passed merge.

20. Samey

Samey's was one of the most developed characters on Total Drama Pahkitew island. I hated how Amy would just constantly pick on her, but it did give her a nice story. I also liked how Amy got her karma in the end. I think that Samey's character kind of revolves around Amy's picking on her. I am not for sure which is why I have her high on my list.

19. Dawn
Dawn's Audition Tape

Dawn is the most original idea, and is one of the most interesting characters in my opinion. She also loves animals which is pretty cool. Unfortunately she didn't last that long. I would have loved to have seen her back story, but I guess that won't happen.

18. Leshawna

Leshawna puts the drama in Total Drama. Her rivalry with Heather was great, relationship with Harold was awesome, and her overall character was well developed. She was one of the few character that never ceased to entertain me, I was also confused why she was not an All Star.

Hint: This character merged in 2 seasons.