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    First off, hi I am SkyFanTD, and this is my first analysis blog so cut me some slack. So by now most of your thoughts on Skave is ITS TERRIBLE or ITS WORSE THAN ZOKE, but I think that Skave was well written except for perhaps the finale. Also, I won't be discussing much of the first half of Skave, so I will mention it right now before I talk about the second half.

    Well I firmly believe that from the start that the writers said that Sky and Dave was not going to work out, and here are three things that commonly occurred that helped prove my point.

    #1 Split Confessionals

    In every split confessional the two are literally thinking completely the opposite. For example after the switch Dave thinks that he still might have a shot with Sky, while Sky…

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  • SkyFanTD

    Leshawna puts the drama in Total Drama. Her rivalry with Heather was great, relationship with Harold was awesome, and her overall character was well developed. She was one of the few character that never ceased to entertain me, I was also confused why she was not an All Star.

    Hint: This character merged in 2 seasons.

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