Hey everybody! I'm SkipperD23 and although I've been on this site for a little while, this is my very first blog post.  Ever since Pahkitew Island ended, I haven't really been paying attention to TD so all the facts and moments that I remembered throughout the show are a little rusty.  However, now that the first episode of The Ridonculous Race has been leaked, I am now back into the series! I hope I get to know you guys well and get your share of opinions and predictions of the upcoming season. And with that, lets start the discussion!

Now, I've always enjoyed Total Drama, even when some negative aspects really outshined the positive, but I can't tell you guys enough how much The Ridonculous Race has gotten me hyped! A brand new host and an abundance of new colorful and likable characters. I'll talk about my feelings towards these guys another time, but for now I'm going to focus on one particular thing.

A couple blogs ago, people have been mentioning that supposedly the FreshTV tumblr blogs keeps dropping hints that Noah may end up having a love interest at some point in the season.  If this is to be true (and I hope it happens because Noah is one of my favorite characters and I'd like to see him get a girlfriend), who do you guys think would be the most likely girl to end up being Noahs love interest?

Some characters are completely obvious as to who would NOT be such as Carrie (the whole Devin thing), Kelly (C'mon now), Crimson (Christine said she's with Ennui), and Stephanie (C'mon now(again)).  But who would seem likely? Here are my thoughts:

Laurie and Miles: Noah is known to befriend wierdos (he just can't seem to get away from them can he?).  Maybe Laurie would be more likely than Miles as she seems to be the more focused/important one of the group. I'm gonna say maybe to both of them.

Taylor: Probably not. While it is possible, Noah just doesn't seem to get along with self entitled, bratty people. He despises Heather, and although Taylor may not be as malicious as Heather, I just don't really see it happening.  

Ellody and Mary: I'm also going to go with maybe on this one.  Ellody seems like she would be the more likely, as she is much more talkative than Mary. That might not say much, but I think that an intense rivalry between her and Noah could eventually blossom. Ultimately, I'm going to say maybe.

Finally Emma and Kitty:  I think that Noah will most likely end up getting romantically paired with one of these two. I can see him ending up with either one honestly.  As  previously mentioned, Noah ends up becoming friendly with goofy people(like Owen, Izzy and Eva) so I could see him getting attached to Kittys "energy" (I cant think of another word). On the other hand, I can also see it being Emma. Despite Emma being about three to four years Noahs senior, I think she may end up falling for him somehow.  Noahs pretty damn smart and mature for his young age and we all know how much the TD writers love irony and foreshadowing. How ironic would it be for Emma to end up finding a guy while shes said it herself how she plans on winning. I feel like if Noah and Owen and Emma and Kitty were to help each other out, Emma would hang with Noah while Owen and Kitty would goof off together while they completed challenges. But thats just me.

Anyhow, I made this blog primarily because Noah is my favorite character in Total Drama so when I heard he was participating, I couldn't be happier! Although I don't think him and Owen will win, I don't doubt that they will go far (I'm thinking 5th or 4th place). And getting news that old deadpan, sarcastic know-it-all Noah, who is known not to care much for anything may actually care for a lady brought an even bigger smile to my face.  So, let me know what you guys think, and I hope I get to see a lot of what you guys think. Take care everybody!

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