We all know what the deal with TD antagonists is; a new one every season. This was no different with RR, with the Ice Dancers being the main villains. However, if RR was to follow TD's formula, that would mean that season 2 would have a new antagonist. Unlike most I can't see the next season (if there even is one)being bombarded with new pairs everywhere, so I see 4 possibilities.

Josee and Jacques could stay on as the villains, or a team from season 1 could turn villainous, toning the Ice Dancers down. The team I think would be most likely to fill this spot would be the daters, with Stephanie and all. Vegans could also do the role if they return, seeing how they reacted to their elimination. A new team could also take on the antagonist role, which could be anyone, really. Finally, a TD character like. Heather could return for season 2, and take on the re. All ideas seem likely to me. Thoughts?

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