No, it's not a notorious vandal, I'm talking about Justin.

It has come to my attention, that after analysing several users character rankings, a recurring factor about them is that Justin is almost always at the bottom of them. Why? Here are some of the reasons.

First of all, many people hate him due to his extreme narcissism and conceitedness. Obviously these are loathesome traits in a person, and Justin takes it to the extreme. He almost always seems to be referring to his alleged good looks, and obviously, this can all get really annoying.

Another reason is the fact that he played a very very very poor job as an antagonist during his course on TDA. Most antagonists have a noticeably evil nature, can work the game to their advantage, have several skills that assist them and manage to eliminate several contestants. Justin was if anything, timid, unwilling to do any work himself, had almost no skills and only eliminated 2 contestants. And even then, they were not exactly threats. Trent was only a threat to his team, and Izzy, all she did was say that Justin isn't cute... In all, he did a terrible job as an antagonist.

And finally, some users even go on to say that he isn't even remotely attractive. Which is odd, since his whole purpose is to be attractive.

However, it's not all bad news. Not everyone loathes Justin, just like not everyone loves Gwen. I for one thought he is a hilarious character. His narcissims is what gives him his source of humour. so does his poor job as an antagonist. He is an archetype, just like all the other contestants. Except he's not a very interesting one.

That's all for now. Silverspark out.

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