What more could you possibly want?

I can't get the accent on the 'e'.

So basically, it is as the title suggests. We all remember Alejandro cursing at his brother in Hawaiian ounch, claiming he's older, smarter, handsomer and more vindictive than him, and as much as it pains me to say it, Alejandro is already those things.

But when
Chris Shirtless by Chancerocks

Look at this sexy display of manliness. LOOK AT IT!!!

Jose actually appeared in Suckers Punched, I was a little let down, since I was expecting him to have handsomeness rivalling our ridiculously good looking host, Chris McLean!

However, some other people I've talked to about this seem to believe that Jose is actually as handsome as Al bitterly remarks. And so I'm stuck.

Who do you guys think is the more attractive brother? I put my money on Al.

Who is the hottest?

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