Eh, I'm bored and I'm completly bogged down in this blasted history assignment. So I decided to alleviate my boredom and frustration here.

Lesson 1. The dawn of drama

Back in the stone age, life was dull. Due to the lack of modern society and the strict up bringings, no one ever did anything out of line.

And then, a mysterious stranger changed it all.

Claiming he was from far away lands, this man said he had untold treasures that could be claimed by completing some 'challenges' he put forth.

Only one person dared opose his new way of life and luxury. This brave young warrior was called Noah.

Noah was already reknowed for his wit and intelligence that helped break the dark ages. Evidence of his superiority is seen through a statue of his large head that still exists today.

Wikistorians claim that Noah opposed this challenges because Chris had no proof of these so-called treasures. While all the others seemed enthralled at the prospect of fame and fortune, be remained un-fazed as he already had a lot of stuff.

For his defiance, he was banished to the wood while everyone else followed Chris. There Noah stayed until a mysterious witch doctor and her 'pet' and 'guardian' came for him and rescued him. Due to their clashing beliefs and psychedelic views on things, this band of friends became known as:

Team E-Scope!!!

What happens next? Does Chris lead all the others into a trap? Will Team E-Scope do something weird? And what happens when the great Wizard descends unto Earth?

Who knows?

Silverspark out.

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