Well, I'm afraid to say it guys, but I must. I'm going to leave the wiki for 2-4 weeks, due to a number of factors.

The first and foremost reason is that I'm trying to switch from general mathematics to advanced mathematics. The problem here however is that this yea is already half over and I've missed out on so much. So the head math teacher gave me this option. If I am to have any hope in switching courses, I need to know what they were doing so that if I were to switch, I'd be on equal footing with everyone else. So he gave me their textbook and told me that if I could get the idea of what they were doing during the holidays, I could cope. So what this means is that I've got to study two terms of maths in two weeks. This is going to require a lot of time, and because of that, I've decided to temporarily leave the wiki so I can study, because you have no idea how much this means to me.

The other reason is because I believe I'm finally starting to crack here. I've gotten angry so many times lately, gotten into so many disagreements and alienated so many good friends, I've just had to leave. If I were to stay any longer, I fear I might make a grave error and potentially hurt someones feelings.

So Ishni and CD, if you are reading this, please accept my apology for losing my temper with you guys over trivial stuff. I've been a real jerk lately and I could use this time to take a good look at what I've done and hopefully become a better person.

Now I know that there is the problem with Countdown because I need to edit and such. Well Countdowns not that important to me anymore. I had enough fun in the previous season to set store my affairs. So if we lose guys, don't feel bad about voting me off. I wouldn;t realy care anyway. And on the subject of coutndown, I'd like to wish luck to My good friend BarBar, as I know how much he's wanted to compete. You can do it mate, I believe in you.

And while I'm here, I believe a few shout-outs are in order

  • Aimers: You are quite possibly my best friend here! No matter whats happened, you've always been a friendly face I can always rely on
  • Ryan: I've always had great respect for you. I also loved how you cared for me when I was going to quit ages ago. For that, I could never thank you enough
  • BarBar. Need I say it? You have been too good to me. You just are such a wonderful person
  • CD: You're an inspiration yo know that? You have shown me the right way so many times and proven yourself to be a great admin.
  • Musou: Not only are you a person I can hold a good intellectual conversation with, you also are a friendly person approachable by anyone. Quite possibly one of our finest members.
  • Ultimatechocofan: You may not have heard of her, but she is one of the funnest people you will ever meet. She is so crazy and destructive, I just love her to pieces (not literally)
  • Mikey: In the words of Ishni, "The edit machine". Well known for not only his superhuman editing skills, but also for his calm, rational decision making in things. For that, I could never be thankful enough for him.
  • Ishni: Although hundreds of people will speak kind words about you, hear mw out on this. Despite my recalcitrant ways in the last few weeks, you have still shown to be a quality friend. One who consistently edits, one who is almost ridiculously nice and one that never fails to put a smile on your face. You just seem to make the sun shine just that little bit brighter.

And why stop there?

N3 (For being almost impossibly nice), Landry (Never fails to amuse me), Samtastic (You just can't beat his awkward style of humour) MTDM (You're perhaps one of my greatest inspirations for excellence. You deserve a cookie) Neko (For being very considerate) Intrudgero98 (whom I hope returns from exile) WM (for always thinking of others) Ale (for being open-minded) Chrisfan4ever (who is toooo cute) Oatmeal- (who has a penchant for cookies) Bridgettebarf703 (Whom I want to remind is always loved by me) Cdisney3 (who was my first friend) Mocky (who is a friendly and helpful user) Loveya (Who i sincerely hope returns soon) Darkangelwarrior (Who is even cuter than Ishni) Fedora Kid (Who is frightfully smart) Addict (put that lit match down mate) Freehugs (who always manages to leave me in awe) And everyone else here who bothers to read this.

I am really sorry that I have to leave, but I have to. This maths course could affect my whole future and I can't afford to waste time. So for the last time for a long time, this is Silverspark signing off.

One more thing

If for some inexplicable reason you miss Silverspark beyond all moral comprehension, here is a link to my personal favourtie song (Make sure you turn up the volume at 2:24 for extra effect)

Listen and smile as chances are, I'm listening to it at the same time

Well it was real nice talking to you guys. Hopefully I'll find some time to come on and make some edits and talk to you guys. But until then, I need to leave

Bye guys. I'll miss you all

Silverspark out

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