There are a lot of things that I never got to do here. I never got to be an admin, I never got my rollback status back, I never won featured user and I never was a critical member to this wiki... I guess maybe if I had tried harder... but it’s too late now.

I’ve done a lot of things, most of notable intelligence and grace, some of ludicrous intent and [mistake that I shall never forgive myself for.]

I’m afraid to even say it, but from this point onwards, I am quitting the wiki.

Why do you ask? Well I’ve been rapidly losing interest in this place ever since I got back from my sojourn and I feel detached from this place. It seems like the users here have moved on and I haven’t. Every time I look in the recent activity list, there is almost no one I know. There is a new generation of users here and I seem to have... expired? No, that makes me sound like a vegetable

Anyway, I no longer am a core part of this wiki, I no longer feel a desire to be here and most profound of all, I feel no real attachment anymore. I seem to have moved on to different things now...

That’s not to say for an instant that I dislike any of you. You have all had such a profound and inspiring effect on my life that never for one moment did I ever feel any hostility to any of you. You guys always made me feel better and made life on this wiki worthwhile. But all the same, at least now you won’t have some annoying nerd correcting your grammatical errors and adding useless facts into an argument.

In fact, I want to remind you all one last time that you guys have been the best part of the user known as Silverspark

To CD I always greatly admired your ability to handle things. You always were my role model from the day you told me off for 'fluffing'.

To Ryan I'm sorry. It's not you, its me. I didn't want it to come to this but... Ah, I'm going to miss you

To MTDM I must say this now, I am ever so glad that you didn't think I was some weird psychopath when we first met.

To N3 (yes I am still going to call you that) After all my time here, it still strikes me as to how anyone can be so ridiculously nice.

To Neko Many people would speak highly of your 'cuteness', but the one thing that I have always loved about you is your great intelligence, open-mindedness and amazing sense of compassion. You are one of the best people here. Never let up!

To Ultimatechocofan I am terribly sorry that I can't finish the adventure. Let's just say I find the bomb but there is a giant dragon there and then you blow it up with your explosive andy canes. We find the bomb, destroy it and before we can discover the most beautiful thing in the world, fluffy eats it.

BarBar You know this wiki needs more people like you who make loads of editsand are always nice to other people. BarBar, you are without a doubt a legend.

And of course, thats just for starters. Everyone here has been awesome. And I mean everyone (except for the vandals) But there are a few special mentions

To Aimers.

Without a doubt, you have been the biggest, most amazing friend I have made here. You have always been there whenever I was... less than savory with people. You have always been that voice of compassion when all was chaos and never once did I ever doubt you, not once did I ever believe you to be any less than what you are. I will most certainly miss you when I am gone, but for now I still remember all the good times we had

To Ishni (wherever she is)

You know, Silverspark still to this day sincerely misses you. You were like my equal in intellectual debates, theoretical discussions about the possibility of wiki-relations and making up rather dangerous stories. And a fellow Australian too! Perhaps now that it seems as though you may never come back I may never get to tell you just how much you meant to me, or how much I genuinly loved having a discussion with you. In fact... I could almost say that i love you... in an internet kind of way

I once again have to say that I am sorry from the bottom of my heart to have to leave, but I’ve moved on. Total Drama isn’t a massive part of my life anymore, I’ve developed new interests and school is going to get really tough for me and I want to get the best marks possible.

If ever you waver in life, if ever you find yourself in self doubt, if ever you ever feel like there is no one by your side, always remember that I have and always will have unconditional love an support for each and every one of you. Never forget me as I would never forget you.

So for the very last time, I bid you all goodbye. You were all the greatest and for that I could never thank you enough. From this point onwards, Silverspark shall say no more.

Silverspark out... for the last time.

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