So after watching All-Stars, there are a lot of ridiculously loose ends that need tying up. But out of all the loose ends, the loosest is without a doubt this little trickster


No, not that one. the one to your right

I don't know how he did it, but somehow that coconut came back from the dead and is know floating around the island!



And you thought that was the end of that huh?

We all remember how Owen went insane from 11 minutes of isolation in Camp Castaways and created the starnge little thing we know as Mr, coconut. We saw Chris throw him away and we thought that was the end of that.


No amount of duct tape could mend my broken heart

Only for him to reappear in the recap on the next episode and meet a swift demise and the hands of Chef Hatchet, a terrible way for our coconutty friend to leave.

BUT THAT WAS NOT THE END! Oh no, he made one more reappearance in TDA, just to remind us that Owen once went insane from 11 minutes of isolation.
Mr.Coconut Cup

My golly goshness, would you look at those pecs!

And that surely was the end of that. After all, what more could you possibly do with half a coconut?

Apparently reformate intself back into a whole coconut and start hiding around the island, biding its time until the chance to strike arises! Out of the we get a coconut that we thought long and dead turn up completely unscathed and seemingly out of nowhere!

That's no treasure chest...

One could only imagine what the writers are plotting... Maybe it's just a harmless reference or a very drawn out running gag. Or maybe there is more to Mr. Coconut than we could have ever anticipated.

So what do you guys think? What could become of Mr. Coconut? A recurring cameo gag or a potential game braker?

Who is Mr. Coconut?

What is Mr. Coconut?

Why is Mr. Coconut?

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