Ok, its probably a little late now since my internet was playing up, but today is officially one whole year since I created an account on this wiki. In other words, its meh first wiki-verssary! I'm so glad I've managed to stay here this long, despite hardships, arguements and Nalyd's poor dress sense. I really have to say that being here has to have been one of the greatest things I've ever done in my life as you guys have no idea how much this place has boosted my slef-esteem. Ever since coming here, I've learnt to socialise more and this in turn made me not only a better person, but a more pleasant one and this ultimately affected my grades and school, which increased exponentially!

I'd love to list out the users who helped me get this far, but I don't have that much time on my hands. I'd like everyone to kmow that I appreciate each and every user here! You're all amazing and if I ever meet any of you, I'd just love to give you a great big hug.

However, whilst here, I wish luck to my most excellent friend Aimers, whom I hope recovers from depression and returns soon, as well as luck to Ishni in her studying and such.

Thanks for everything guys! You have no idea how much you have impacted on my life and how good you've made it!

Silverspark out

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