Ello everyone. This be-ith Silverspark who is all happy and crap after drinking too much hot chocolaate.

Following in Lil Mizz Krazies idea of a music meme, I've decided to start up a new one that a few of my friends invented yesterday.

Ever heard of Joseph Ducreux? There is a meme going around in which someone overly literally translates some lyrics from a song.

For example: I have great feelings of emotional passion for the way in which you deceive... is I love the way you lie.

Hey... betcha you can't guess 'em all!

1. I am certainly not going to position you in a rising direction, nor will I drop thou

2. Which person allowed free mobility of the hounds? 'Who let the dogs out?'

3. It's a raucos gathering and celebration of sorts in the united states of america Party in the USA

4. So I am like "allow my memory to lose any conscious recognition of you" and "allow my memory to lose any conscious recognition of her too." Forget you

5. My flavoured dairy beverage manages to attract all the males towards my place of recreation behind the house Milkshake

6. Believe it or not, I'm strolling pleasantly on a mixture on nitrogen, oxygen and other gases Walking on air

7. It's the fifth day of the week in which the old poems state the name means "loving and caring" Friday

8. The noise that the the clock make on the clock itslef for at the time when the sun doth not shine beams of light unto Earth Tik Tok

9. Your intimate passion is my substance that causes a strange emotional change in me Your love is my drug

10. We are going to ignite it like it was a chemical composition that when ignited exhibits a massive explosion. Dynamite

And thats just for starts! See if you ca guess them all and see if you can come up with your own Joseph Ducreux!

Silverspark out.

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