It's been a massive battle for me in the past few hours as I was fiercely battling Uros for the remaining spot in Redemption island. He was a mighty user. He put up a massive fight. But somehow, I managed to defeat him. But it was not in vain. He was only a notch off from beating me and I can safely say that if I was a little more careless, he would have surely beaten me.

And now I must say what I must. Uros was a ferocious editor who truly suprised us all with his incredible editing skills and endurance under extreme pressure. Even though he was my rival throughout the battling, he stood out as one of the most valiant players Countdown has ever seen.

Sure most of you are thinking "Man, this blog is pointless". But it isn't. You have no idea how hard we were battling each other to remain on Redemtion island. And I could not let such valour go un-acknowledged. Uros Bjedov is... was... and forever will be an awesome editor

Silverspark out.

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