Greetings everyone. I come here not with ill intentions of spamming, but to raise a potentially real issue.

On my userpgae, one of my polls asked if you get online dieseases (online diseases don't exist. Its all a figment of your imagination). The thing that caught my attention is that almost half of the votes claimed they had editors block. Of course you can cling to the notion that its only a really rough estimate and that some people may have only clicked it for fun. But I've started to realise that maybe this isn't just a joke. Even some users in countdown have stated they have trouble finding things to edit.

Some people will feel so overwhelmed by our immaculate pages, they can't find anything to edit and can't advance. To new users here, this is terrible. To more older user who cannot find anything to edit in these pages, it is bad for their edit count and progression in the wiki. Of course, this could all be due to stuff that keeps people busy in real life, but thats not always the case. Sometimes you just can't find anything to edit. And that isn't good at all.

Now, the way around this is not to skim over the page to try and find anything blatant. That almost never works. What you have to do is to investigate closely some of the words and sentences that have been used. You can find all sorts of things. I once found "a code of numbers" on a page, and WM said once that he found writte somewhere that Chris and Ezekiel had an alliance (big difference between alliance and agreement). It's amazing what you can find when you look. That and it never hurts to use a few more suitable words in sentences. (but don't get too lazy or else you'll be making fluff edits. Big wiki no-no).

This probably didn't help as I still don't know what I'm talking about and I can never tell whether I'm being serious or not. Please don't take any offense if it looks like I'm singling out people or making a big worry over nothing. But... at least try to see what I'm trying to say!

Silverspark out.

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