I'm always plaqued by the question: "what drives an antagonist will to be evil in the competition?"

So I got to thinking on the levels on which our antagonists operate.

Heather: Used alliances with false hopes in order to secure guarenteeable votes. Directly meddled in the affairs of other contestants in order to turn them against each other.

Justin: Used others to do work for him.Orchestrated eliminations by blackmail and charm.

Courtney: Fiercely competed in order to secure place in the competition. Used pure skill to further herself and this often got on others nerves. When gender ratio's turned on her, she resorted to using an alliance, albeit a short-lived one.

Alejandro: Sneaky. Created false friendships to hide his evil personality in order to operate in secret. Subtly influenced negative outcomes for other competitors and used psychological tactics to eliminate some characters. Eliminates those who know his evil motives to cover his butt.

Theres probably more but not for now.

So what drove them to become hated competitors?

Heather: Harold may have been right on his psychanalysis on Heather in TDDDDI saying that she may have been repulsive at one point and became bitter from this and alienated potential friends. Her nasty brother may hav also made her a bitter person.

Justin: Who knows? Mabye he was trying to look smart to improve his image. Mabye he wanted revenge for being elminated so early. I still can't believe he became an antagonist, so I'm not sure why he did.

Courtney: The most likely cause for Courtney's unpleasant attitude is due to her eimination at the hands of Harold. This made her feel cheated out of the game and made her hungry for revenge. This was also fueled by her A type personality. So she tried desperately to get back in the game and when she did, she was determined to succeed this time. Ultimately, she didn't.

Alejandro: Since he was introduced right before his debut season, we have no accounrable backstory on him and practically no motive for being an antagonist. The only reason I could think of is his desire to be better than his brother Jos'e due to him always being treated as second-class and this created a deep deisre to prove he was better.

Hopefully this shed some light on the reaons for evil. It probably didn't, but it'something.

Silverspark out...

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